3 Elements Important for Modern Design in a Home

Finding the home of your dreams is a big step when it comes to home ownership. Many times when it comes time to buy a home it is a first home, making it extra special. Approximately 34% of home buyers are first time home buyers making their dreams come true looking for something truly unique. Buying a home with modern elements offers the unique elements to make a home truly feel like home. About 8% of all home buyers generate more than $200,000 a year in income meaning they are willing to go the extra mile to ensure that their new home has everything that they want. Modern elements in luxury homes makes these home so popular that Christie’s International Real Estate reports indicates that within 220 days of listing most of these homes sell. Modern elements are what makes these luxury homes a sought after commodity. Read below to see how the use of modern elements sets luxury homes apart from traditional or contemporary homes.


There are many things to consider when choosing modern elements for luxury homes and lighting is one of the most essential. The lighting is going to make the entire room seem brighter, lighter, airy and larger, so you want the plenty of lighting. When opting for a light source organic light sources are best. This is why many modern homes, luxury homes and new homes have large windows allowing ample lighting from ceiling to floor.


Modern elements of new homes typically stick with a neutral color shade. This neutral color shade is a light and earthy color that can easily be spiced up by the use of accents. The neutral color scheme is widespread throughout the room as this along with the lighting makes a room appear much larger. Opt for brighter accent pieces if the room needs color, but larger things such as rugs and furniture should all follow the neutral color scheme of the room.


The furniture that accompanies modern elements in homes is a little different than typical furniture. Furniture with bulky overstuffed cushions and loud confusing designs don’t fit well in a modern home. Instead opt for sleek, sharp and elegant lines on furniture. This gives the room a sense of comfort and relaxation. This element makes it incredibly simple to purchase furniture since the main point of purchasing is for use and not for looks.

When buying a home no one wants to just settle and luxury homes allows these home buyers to get what they want without feeling as though they have to settle. Modern designs match their taste and help them make the house a home. Choosing certain designs are important for home buyers, because it allows them to express their personality through their home. Modern elements allow sophisticated taste and unique design to be showcased in a home.