3 Mantras For Adjustable Bed Shopping

Adjustable mattresses

You’ve had enough. Every night, you do battle with your mattress and your melatonin levels. You lie awake in bed for over 20 minutes (which somehow makes you feel even more awake), before falling into a fitful slumber rife with uncomfortable tossing and turning. You’re not sure if the chronic back pain is being caused by uncomfortable sleep or if you can’t sleep because of back pain; at this point, you don’t care. It just needs to stop.

You have decided to buy an adjustable bed
. Your mom keeps bugging you about how great her Tempurpedic is, and if the following disclaimer you saw at Sleepy’s is any indication, they apparently work bed comfort miracles now:

“Craftmaticandreg Adjustable Beds equipped with optional heat and massage also may provide temporary relief from: • Low Back Pain • Minor Aches and Pains Due to Muscular Fatigue or Overexertion • Edema or Swelling of the Legs • Poor Local Blood Circulation of the Legs • Symptoms of Hiatus Hernia • Nighttime Heartburn • Symptoms of Gastric Reflux • The optional heating accessory provides temporary relief from Mild Arthritis and Joint Pain, as well as Muscle Pain Associated with Stress and Tension • Sleeping in an upright position may Reduce or Ease Light and Occasional Snoring”

But the question remains, which kind of adjustable bed should you buy? Below we have the three-pronged formula for the perfect adjustable bed experience:

1. Go big. By this we mean, get a king or a queen bed. We are particular fans of the queen bed, as it’s a little less bulky than a king adjustable bed but still provides plenty of “starfish” room. A queen bed model will also usually come equipped with a daintier frame fit for any fashion-forward master bedroom.

2. Go electric. Whether the frame is adjustable via an electric motor or you splurge on the electric blanket, a girl needs to know how to treat herself. You’re already splurging on your queen bed, so why not make sure the queen herself is toasty warm and able to prop herself up with the touch of a button, rather than a bothersome crank system? Finally…

3.Get Foamy. Namely, memory foamy. Even if it’s just a mattress pad, memory foam perfectly contours to our troublesome S-shaped spines and leaves no gaps in support. What’s more, memory foam ensures minimal motion transfer, meaning if you’re a frequent midnight bathroom-goer, your constant ups and downs won’t wake a partner on the other side of the mattress.

So go on and get yourself to the nearest warehouse. And remember: Every queen needs a soft warm place to rest her head.