3 Signs You’re Dealing with Postpartum Depression

For many people, having a new baby is a joyous time. That being said, not every new mother experiences joy after their child is born. If you’re feeling this way after having a baby, you might be experiencing postpartum depression. This condition is normal and happens to many new mothers. Research shows that postpartum depression takes place after about 15% of all births. This is a condition that differs from what’s known as baby blues. Considering that, it’s understandable to wonder you’re dealing with postpartum depression or are just feeling down. Here are three signs you might be dealing with postpartum depression.

  1. Difficulty Enjoying Spending Time with Your Baby

    Almost every parent finds that having a baby is, at times, stressful. This type of stress can make any parent want to take a small break from their infant. However, parents experiencing postpartum depression find it extremely difficult to spend time with their new babies. While it is common with this condition, this is still hard for new parents to experience.
  2. Having Trouble Sleeping

    Many new parents learn that having children alters their sleep cycles. Unfortunately, this might last longer than you think. Research shows that most babies are unable to sleep throughout a full night until they reach about 3 months. This can also happen when a baby reaches a weight of about 12 to 13 pounds. Also, babies often experience separation anxiety at around the age of six months. This happens because your baby doesn’t understand that separations are only temporary. All of these situations place an understandable burden on a parent’s sleep. Those experiencing postpartum depression might feel this way regardless of how well their new baby is sleeping.
  3. Feeling Like You’re an Unfit Parent

    Feeling depressed often makes people believe they’re inadequate. However, this is rarely the case. Unfortunately, new mothers experiencing postpartum depression often feel they’re inadequate moms. This can wreak havoc on the mind of a new mother. If these feelings persist, it’s wise to consider calling on someone to help you.

In closing, there are several signs you might suffer from postpartum depression. With that in mind, many new moms find it beneficial to work with a doula. Doulas provide help to those welcoming a new baby into their home. You’ll find that doula services aren’t only for first time parents. Doula services work with people from all walks of life who need a little help adjusting to a new member of the family. To be more specific, doula services help clients learn about feeding, sleep, and other baby techniques. Also, doulas assist with helping a parent bond with their new baby.