4 Home Renovations You Can Do Yourself!

One of the joys of becoming a homeowner is finding out all the little things that go wrong in and around your house over the years. Sometimes, things break and need to be replaced. Other times, the house just needs a little bit of a style change. Home improvements are always best when they can be done by the homeowner rather than a third party company that’ll charge an arm and a leg. We’ve compiled a short list of ideas that you might want to take on as your next home renovation project!

1. New Lighting Fixtures

One thing that all homes, big and small, have is lighting. Over time, light fixtures go out of style, light bulbs burn out and sometimes you just feel ready for a change. Whether you decide to outfit the entire house with wrought iron lighting fixtures or just decide to switch out the lights to something more energy efficient, you’ve definitely got options. Wrought iron lighting can be a fantastic addition to a more upscale home, bringing a more high-class feel with items such as a rustic chandelier or wrought iron sconces lighting the halls. You don’t have to go with wrought iron lighting, but it’s never a bad idea to think about the pros and cons of replacing the lighting in your home soon.

2. Flooring

Whether you decide to go with hardwood, carpet, tile or something else entirely, you can rip up the flooring and install your replacement choice on your own, as long as you’ve got the tools and a little bit of know-how. We are not recommending amateurs go out and try to replace their floor, but it’s definitely possible to accomplish at home with enough preparation and hard work. See if you can get a few friends or family members to come over and help you tear up the floor. That should make the job move a lot faster.

3. Building a Shed or Garage

Those homeowners without the benefit of a garage or a shed are missing out on one of the most useful storage spaces available to folks. Having the ability to store equipment, tools and more outside of the house frees up a great deal of space for things that are better served to be in the home. Again, this is not a job for someone who’s never done this kind of work before, but those who are handy around the home should be able to construct a shed or garage with some help and enough time and hard work dedicated to the job.

4. Bathroom Remodeling

Bathrooms are often one of the more neglected rooms in the home when it comes to updating them. Bathroom tile can get grimy, and many bathrooms decorated in decades past have not aged quite so well. That’s why it’s not a bad idea to start planning your bathroom renovation today, including items like a new sink or toilet, a shower or bath, new tile and more possibilities. Bathroom remodeling can go so many different ways as far as decor; just be sure not to accidentally screw up any of your house’s plumbing!

That’s our list! Do you have any other home project ideas you would take on? How about in the past? Share your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!