4 Things To Remember When House Hunting In Las Vegas

There is a reason why people love Las Vegas. Las Vegas is famous for its nightlife, and in particular the Vegas Strip. On the strip, visitors can stop by casinos, hit up famous restaurants, and have experiences that are difficult to find anywhere else in the country. Where it was once known primarily as a tourist destination, many are now eyeing the city on a more permanent basis. Though Las Vegas itself is packed, the surrounding suburbs are still developing. The climate of the area, with a lot of flat desert ground that lacks vegetation, makes it easier for newcomers to envision themselves there, with some choosing to build a house from the ground up. But if you’re considering moving to Las Vegas, you don’t have to build your own home; there are plenty available as is! Those looking to live within the city directly may have to compromise a bit, though. Las Vegas is extremely crowded, and there isn’t a lot of space for true houses. This is why a lot of city dwellers live in apartments or condos. But remember, living in the city proper also means paying a premium, and dealing with aggravations like traffic and an influx of tourists virtually every season. This why many choose to live in the suburban areas, which leads them to question what to look for in a new house in Las Vegas.

Even then, however, you need to be discerning. Even if you’ve owned a house in the past, you’ve presumably never owned a house in Las Vegas before. When deciding what to look for in a new house, you should have a checklist ready ahead of time. Think about what is a must-have, what you would like to have but can give up, and what you must not have in or around your home. Having these details ready ahead of time will make it a lot easier for a realtor to find you the home you want. Keep in mind that the housing market in Las Vegas and its suburbs is competitive; when you find the house you want, you’ll need to jump on it as quickly as possible, before it’s snatched up by someone else. With that being said, let’s look at some tips on house-hunting in this specific area. The more you know about what to look for in a new house in Las Vegas, the better equipped you’ll be to get a house that suits not only your needs, but your wants as well.

1. Keep Your Budget In Mind

If you’ve never owned a home before, it may seem easy to get out of control and splurge on the house of your dreams right off the bat, believing that what to look for in a new house is simply, well, everything. Keep in mind, however, that your first house probably won’t be your last house. The majority of Americans move and sell their homes at least once in their lifetimes. While you may brush this off by assuming that you’ll rent out your house if you move, the rental market is not easy to predict. For that matter, you’ll still have to find a new place. Even if you can offset your mortgage through renting, the financial burden may be heavy. Therefore, you should remember to try to save money when house-hunting, however much you may initially want to spend more in order to get a house closer to the strip or perhaps one that is more spacious. Right now, Sallie Mae recommends that homeowners not spend any more than 28% of their incomes on housing expenses; and that’s already hefty number!

You can save money on your new home by remembering what’s most important to you, and thinking about what you can compromise on. You may want a large home, for example, but you might not really need all the space you’re asking for. If, for example, the people living within the house are just you and your spouse, you probably don’t need a five bedroom home. Yes, you may have children in the future. But when considering what to look for in a new house, you should realize that you cannot prepare for every possible eventuality during your hunt. This will cause you to over-spend very quickly, under the guise of making sure that you get what you need. You can also cut down on your spending a bit by putting yourself a bit further from the strip than you may initially prefer. The closer a property is to the Vegas Strip, the more its value will rise. This doesn’t mean that you have to be extremely far away from the strip; even being a 15 minute drive away can drop property values. However, if you have a car it won’t be that difficult to to the strip anyway. And do you really need to have a view of that in order to enjoy Las Vegas? For most, the answer is “no”. While you should make sure that you’re in a safe and clean area, you don’t necessarily have to be on top of all of the action in the city.

2. Take Your Inspection Seriously

One thing every homeowner should anticipate taking care of before they officially buy their new houses is the inspection. A home inspection will usually involve a professional inspector checking throughout the house for damage, and ensuring that the house is suitable for sale. A home inspector is meant to be impartial, reporting the facts and giving recommendations as to how the house can be improved. Many are surprised by what a home inspector might find, as they’re trained to uncover everything from mold to foundation cracks. Depending on the damage sustained by the house, you may be able to simply go through the sale without issue; or you may be faced with an awkward and perhaps difficult decision. Under the ideal circumstances, the sellers will either cover renovation and repair costs ahead of time; or they’ll take the estimated cost of these repairs out of the overall price of the home. Some, unfortunately, may also act in disbelief and attempt to arrange another inspection to prove that the house is sound. While you can, if recommended by an inspector, have a damaged home repaired, you should never attempt to buy a house without having written acknowledgment from the seller assuring you that the home will either be repaired before you buy it or that you’ll be compensated through a lowered price.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of opportunities for Las Vegas houses to become damaged, which is one reason why why it’s so important to take your inspector seriously. Storm damage is a major issue, as the area is prone to severe weather. If you’re buying an older home, it’s probably withstood everything from rain to tornadoes in Las Vegas. There is also the possibility of asbestos being within some of the older homes, which could not only harm but potentially kill your family members after prolonged exposure. Even if you’re merely seeking out what to look for in a new house, don’t assume that because a home is newer it’s sound. There are plenty of damage issues that can crop up in newer homes, though they may sometimes be more difficult to spot. But that is precisely why home inspectors are called in to handle the job; they’re professionals and they know what to look for. For those reasons alone, you should listen to them when they say that you need to replace one thing and repair the other. Any seller that doesn’t is not a person you should buy from.

3. Envision The Future

Of course, there’s a difference between a seriously damaged house and a house that’s merely old and worn down. One could be potentially dangerous to live in, while the other may need some elbow grease but could very well end up becoming the home of your dreams! A fixer upper, as it may be called, is a home that for one reason or another is in need of renovation. While the idea of renovating a home may seem intimidating at first, it’s actually a much more fun process than it seems to be. After all, you’ll be in the midst of it all, able to make requests and create your ideal home. While you may still be considering what to look for in a new house, there are plenty of reasons why you may want to give an older home a try. Usually, these homes are priced lower than others due in part to the fact that they will need renovations. And if you’re shrewd about who to work with and what renovation projects are truly needed, you’ll may very well find that you’ve saved money even after the renovations are done.

In a lot of ways, renovated homes have essentially been infused with extra value. Usually, new renovations updated will raise the home’s value, even if only on a minor level. You may find that over time, you’re able to make the perfect Las Vegas home out of nothing. There are several different renovation projects that you may want to consider when kicking off for the first time. The kitchen and bathrooms are always major renovation targets, as virtually anyone can see them and they require a good deal of functionality. For the kitchen, you’ll want to make sure that the appliances are up to date, and that it’s spacious and full of natural light. A bathroom renovation, on the other hand, isn’t just about making sure that the plumbing system is working as efficiently as possible. It’s also about creating a tranquil space where you can relax. Think about replacing your standard shower with something that holds in steam, like a glass shower. Even beyond these rooms, however, there is always room for improvement. If your home lacks hardwood flooring, simply installing it could be a great way to make your home seem crisper and more aesthetically pleasing. Of course, all renovations should be made with the guidance of the experts. Working with an electrical contractor to ensure that your renovation projects aren’t interfering with the home’s energy use; while taking care of a garage door installation through a company will ensure that your renovations are being handled correctly and that your home is secure.

4. Seek Out Home Security Systems

When considering what to look for in a new house, home security may not be at the top of your list of priorities at first. But if you’d like to live in Las Vegas, it’s virtually a must. While Las Vegas is a lot safer than many people think, like any city it possesses its fair share of crime. Depending on where you live, you may want to look beyond simply putting up a privacy fence. Luckily, a lot of Las Vegas homes already have security systems in place. But if not, installing your own may make you feel a lot safer.

Some of the more popular home security systems on the market include those that offer visible cameras, which will deter many criminals, as well as those with alarm systems. However, having something as simple as a keyboard to keep your home locked can make a huge difference.

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when trying to decide what to look for in a new house. When settling in Las Vegas, you’ll probably want to make sure that you have the climate in mind, which means checking for or installing good air conditioning units. And if you’re downsizing, which a lot of people realize they must when researching what to look for in a new house, you may want to compromise by having some of your less than necessary belongings placed in a storage unit until you’re better able to expand the home.

Remember that when seeking out what to look for in a new house in Las Vegas, you’re really addressing your own individual needs. While it’s good to take advice and to compromise, you must also make sure that you’re getting everything you need from the house itself. However, this can be accomplished by recognizing that the most important thing to look for is opportunity. While your house may not be ideal quite yet, with some changes it could be!