5 Possible Signs You Have Low Testosterone Levels

While testosterone is commonly thought of as a male hormone, women still need to have adequate T levels. As a result, certain women can suffer from having low testosterone. That being said, you don’t have to feel like there’s nothing that can be done. Many women have turned to hormone therapy in order to have their testosterone levels back to normal. With that in mind, here are five possible indicators of low testosterone in females.

Body Composition Changes

If you are noticing sudden weight gain without any major diet changes, this could be the result of plummeting testosterone levels. Testosterone plays a major part in how the body regulates muscle growth and fat loss. Therefore, having less of this naturally occurring hormone in the body can cause you to lose muscle and gain more fat than normal.

Increased Feelings of Depression

Not having enough testosterone can wreak havoc on your ability to maintain a level mood throughout the day. Testosterone plays an important in helping to regulate your mood. Considering that, it’s common for women without adequate testosterone levels to feel less happy than normal. In certain cases, this turns into the person feeling depressed. One of the main reasons that women seek treatment at low T centers is to seek relief from these feelings of depression.

Hair Loss

Unfortunately, a common sign of low testosterone in women is that they begin to lose their hair. Seeing hair beginning to fall out is concerning for anyone, especially females. In some cases, low testosterone can also decrease body hair growth. Regardless of the level of hair loss you’re experiencing, it’s understandable to want treatment for this. It’s common for women to seek hormone therapy for hair replacement. Many women have utilized hormone treatment and have noticed increased hair production during this process.

Loss of Libido

This is an understandably sensitive issue. However, determining your libido levels is an essential aspect of determining if you have adequate amounts of testosterone. While decreased libido is common as people age, this could directly be a result of dropping testosterone levels. Considering that, hormone therapy has helped many patients realize the feeling of having an increased libido.

Feeling Tired

While everyone feels occasionally tired, it’s important to notice how often you’re experiencing this feeling. In many cases, this tiredness occurs suddenly and without explanation. These feelings often continue until someone adjusts their testosterone levels. With that in mind, take note what is causing you to feel tired. Those with low testosterone often find that normal activities become much more exhausting to complete. If you’re experiencing tiredness as well as the other symptoms on this list, you’re likely suffering from low T.

What You Can Do About it

There are a variety of herbal supplements basically known to be natural testosterone boosters. Manufacturers claim that the products are effective in increasing your levels of testosterone. However, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration doesn’t closely regulate their use.

Some foods are proven to play a significant role in helping improve your natural testosterone levels. You are only required to eat enough foods rich in vitamin D and zinc. These are component essential in keeping your testosterone at its normal level. Some recommended foods include egg yolks, fortified cereals, oysters, and shellfish.

Therapy can as well help boost low testosterone levels. Visit a testosterone therapy clinic, and your doctor will help you improve your condition. Your doctor will recommend medications and exercises to help boost your testosterone levels once and for all. It is therefore important that you follow your doctor’s instructions closely without fail.

In conclusion, there are several possible signs that a woman is experiencing low testosterone. Commonly thought of as a male hormone, women still require a certain amount of testosterone for many parts of the body to function normally. If you’re seeking treatment for this condition, consider hormone replacement therapy. Hormone therapy has helped many women seek relief from the physical and mental changes that low testosterone can cause. If you’re seeking hormone therapy, consider contacting the facility in order to set up a consultation appointment.