90 Year Old American Hero Knocks Off Strange Bucket List

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File this story under “Do NOT Try This At Home.” According to a recent survey, 77% of homeowners just use their garages and sheds for old tools and additional storage, but one 90 year old Illinois man had a very different idea.

Walter Thomas from Woodstock, Ill., only had one item on his bucket list: drive his car right through the garage door.

While that might seem like a peculiar request, Thomas says he’s been tempted to do exactly that for decades.

“Every time I back out of the garage, I think about backing through the door,” Thomas told a local news crew.

The senior citizen says the urge was like an itch he couldn’t scratch, until now. When Thomas revealed his strange bucket list idea to his grand kids, they decided to make his strange dream a reality. So when his old SUV was ready to be donated to the scrap yard, and before garage builders arrived for repairs, his relatives modified the garage door for the amateur demolition project. And on June 1, he finally got his chance to scratch the itch.

Together with his grandson, Thomas climbed into the SUV, counted to three, and smashed right through the door like the American hero he is. He even captured the entire incident on video, and the footage has finally given the 90 year old his 15 minutes of fame. Local news stations aired the footage, to generally delighted reactions.

Thomas proved to be a man of strange ambition but few words. His only comment after fulfilling his dream: “That was easy.”

We should note again: Thomas’ relatives modified the door BEFORE he drove through it.

Generally, it’s much safer to just put garden equipment inside garages and sheds rather than smashing them to pieces with your grandpa’s car. If you want to see footage of the event, just Google “Old Man+Woodstock, Illinois+totally awesome+garage door smash+He came in like a wrecking ball.”