Apartment Hunting Tips

Apartment hunting questions

Looking for apartments can sometimes feel like a big game hunt. You learn all there is to learn about your prey, you track down its whereabouts, and you try to beat other would-be hunters to the kill. To get the most out of your “apartment safari”, here are a few important apartment hunting tips to keep in mind.

Stay Near the Waterhole. When hunting the wild apartment, it helps to know where they’re most likely to gather. While some complexes do tend to spring up in the suburbs, downtown will still be your best bet. And living in apartments downtown will keep you close to the action. Looking for apartments near public transportation lines will make sure you can get to wherever you need to go quickly and efficiently.

Only Hunt What You Can Carry. No sense aiming for an elephant if you have no way to carry it home. Go through your budget with a fine-toothed comb to know exactly what size and price of apartment works best for your needs and your finances. Most professionals recommend you spend no more than one third of your total income on rent. So decide whether you really need that three bedroom apartment, or if a two bedroom apartment might not get the job done.

Be Sure Before You Pull the Trigger. The situation seems ideal — the location is great, and the price is right. But don’t pull the trigger yet. Every apartment hunting checklist should include a few minor details to look out for. How’s the water pressure? Does the water heat up quickly enough? How many outlets are in each room? Are some outlets controlled by wall switches? Are there light fixtures in each room? Central air or a wall unit? What is the landlord’s policy on painting? None of these things are deal-breakers in and of themselves, but they can detract from your day-to-day experience over time.

What are some of your favorite apartment hunting tips? Feel free to share them in the comments below. And happy hunting! More like this article: www.belmontatcitycenter.com