Autism Spectrum DisorderOngoing Breakthrough

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Autism spectrum disorder is a general term used for irregularity of the development of the brain. This disorder can affect a person on many levels. They can struggle with social interactions, with communicating, and also with behaviors that tend to be repetitive. Applied behavior analysis is a method that doctors and therapists have found to be very successful in treating both children and adults with autism. They apply different types of intervention on appropriate levels in order to help improve the behavior demonstrated by the person they are working with.

ABA has been found to be extremely successful throughout the last ten years as treatment for people with autism spectrum disorder. The typical treatment will be 40 hours per week, year round, for at least two years, possibly three. Trained professionals work one on one with the patient, analyzing their behavior and applying different techniques in order to improve the way the person reacts and handles life situations. ABA therapists work with individual patients, teaching them how to present positive reactions to every day circumstances. Some children who begin this treatment by around the age of two or three have been shown to be able to enter their school years in a regular classroom, needing no further intervention on their behalf. Others may go on to need a small amount of additional therapy. The Surgeon General’s office has found that 45% of applied behavior analysis is a successful treatment showing positive, lasting results.

Although ABA was developed with children and adolescents in mind, it is also a very successful treatment for adults who suffer from autism spectrum disorder. The therapy includes behaviors and reactions to every day circumstances at school and at home, but also covers the same in the workplace. Adults are taught job search preparation and how to deal with working in a social atmosphere.

There are children who do not respond well to this treatment and show little or no improvement. Studies are continuing to determine why ABA works well for some patients and not quite as well for others. This is an intense therapy and, although it is normally carried out through a 40 hour week, there are instances where it has been given over a 20 hour week. While therapy for a shorter number of hours per week has shown to be successful, it has been proven that, especially in children, the more aggressive, longer lasting therapy seems to have better results. Parents report that, even at home, times of stress each day are greatly reduced in children participating in the longer ABA program.