Brain Development in Children Depends on Stimulation and Environment

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Did you know that babies have more bones when they are born than they do when they grow up to be adults? It is true. Doctors know that babies are born with 300 bones and that some of these bones fuse together so that when you become an adult you end up with only 206 bones. Once a baby is born, about 60 percent of its energy goes towards brain development. One thing that affects brain development in a newborn is the quality of stimulation the baby’s environment gives during the first years of life. Parents need to talk to their babies and interact with various stimulants as much as possible in order to get them ready for child care Austin. Parents will need to send them to day care austin if they are both working.

By the time your baby reaches the age of two, you probably have lost as much as 6 months of sleep. Also, by the time your child is two year old, they are learning 5 new words a day. That just shows how much their brain has developed by then. Once the child is two years old they should be ready for day care san antonio. Finding the best child care Austin is important. Parents who need to find professional child care San Antonio can find the information they need online. The major concern for parents is to find affordable, quality child care Austin that is also a safe and secure environment. Children who go to centers for child care Austin learn socialization skills as well as early academic skills.