Can Interior Decorating Improve Your Mood?

Different Styles of Interior Decorating

1. Modern:>/b> Looking for a home design that’ll clear your mind? Modern might be the design for you. Consisting of a clean and crisp flair with a simple pattern that incorporates metal, glass, and steel—, a home with a modern design fits for those who are straightforward and business-orientated with a streak of innovative spirit. Modern décor is highly based around simplicity in every form and element of the home—sleek and high-end.

2. Contemporary: If you’re a person that loves home décor from past and present influences, this interior design is all-in-one. The term, Modern and contemporary are widely used interchangeably, yet there are notable differences that distinguish the two styles. Those who choose contemporary interior decorating are searching for décor that is fluid in its design—styles from the earlier and later years of the 20th and 21st century, not having a uniformed look throughout their home.

3. Minimalist: The child of modern décor. Minimalist styles offers a form of interior decorating that intertwines the aesthetic of functionality and basic yet chic designs to create a desirable look for any home. The concept of minimalist décor offers those who are indifferent to tradition interior designing a home design that isn’t excessive or flamboyant. Not to mention it is one of the top interior design trends.

4. Industrial: Another highly sought-after interior design trend, from homes to restaurants industrial designs provide a flair of rawness and artistic expression that many love. Industrial decor is centered around reusing materials from old buildings for pieces and stripping spaces to their bare basics. High-ceilings, old pieces of timber, even dangling light fixtures and stripped, wood, functional furniture that ties the entire space together.

5. French Country: Think soft, warm, rich tones of red, yellow and gold overlapped typically by stone or brick to highlight its homage to natural materials. Interior designers incorporate many porcelain and thick bed linens to accentuate its regal roots and appearances. French Country is an ideal concept for people who desire lavish home décor that’s reminiscent of royalty.

6. Bohemian:Laissez-faire attitude. Bohemian fits the lifestyle and personality of the younger generation—carefree with no restrictions. Bohemian designs live little exceptions to what can’t be considered a bohemian piece. An interior decor might include vintage pieces of furniture and/or light fixtures, but you can purchase these pieces yourself because this home décor is so freely base. Many materials and item can be obtained from local flea markets or collected through travels—the Greek isles are its inspiration.

Rustic: Often seen through industrial in some materials, rustic takes its influence from the pastoral era of history. Rustic designs integrate the use of natural materials. Similarly, to industrial, rustic based its designs around raw and unfinished elements that are naturally occurring like wood and stones.

Southwestern: Southwestern decor draws its inspiration from ethnic backgrounds and materials to denote looks of warmness—an inviting home is one of the best things interior decorating could offer. Southwestern designs are gradually making a comeback to draw inspiration from interior designers in Phoenix that specialize in creating looks reminiscent of olden times in southwestern states.

How Interior Decorating Translates To Your Mood

Psychologists have proven our environment significantly impacts how we feel—the way we shake these feelings is through a change of environment. Interior designers are in a profession that partially deals with the science behind moods and atmosphere. Researchers show that definitions of happiness are defined by a happy home—a space where you feel secure (69%), a setting to fully relax (64%), and a safe space to express yourself. (57%) Interior decorating constitutes for mood changes, because of the various colors and décor accentuated by the multiple styles you can choose to design your home. People use interior decorating to uplift themselves through their surroundings. There’s even a science behind designing and hanging decor to provide a cheerful mood, interior designers, Driven by Décor suggest hanging pieces of art centered, at eye-level and 56-60 inches from the floor. Interior designing is a gift in both its right to create and inspire through all mediums of life, if you haven’t decorated your house yet…. what are you waiting for?