College Advice: Can I Evict My Horrible Roommate?

UPDATED 7/13/2020

Whether you live in off campus luxury student apartments with its own pool and sauna, or share a bunk bed in a concrete box of a dorm, you’ll eventually have to live with an annoying roommate. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing right off the bat, but sometimes it can be a bit much to handle for a whole lease term. So if you’re not sure how to evict a roommate in Nevada or anywhere else across the U.S., this guide is for you.

Eviction Isn’t Always Possible

Unfortunately, for most people who attend college, dealing with a crappy roommate is a rite of passage. Even more unfortunately, this can make it impossible to get people to understand when you have a roommate that crosses the line from really annoying to criminal negligence. So if you’re wondering how to get a roommate to move out, you’re not alone.

Different states have their own laws about when exactly it’s possible to evict someone, and even if you have seriously legitimate grievances, you may find it more difficult than you thought to boot someone off your lease, especially if you live in student housing. Need to know how to evict a roommate in Las Vegas? It’s possible there will be more hoops to jump through than you thought.

Dealing with an awful roommate can sometimes be a normal part of apartment living. But occasionally you’ll get stuck with a roommate who’s so awful you’re actually considering moving back in with your parents. So what do you do if your creepy roommate suddenly starts collecting firearms and you keep hearing them whisper, “Any day now, any day now,” to themselves, what do you do? How to evict a roommate in Las Vegas or anywhere else when you’re this concerned may be beyond you at the moment.

If your roommate isn’t in breach of any tenant roommate rights, you might need to tough it out a little bit longer. Here is a college student’s guide to dealing with especially horrible college roommates.

You Fear For Your Safety

First, if you have a genuine complaint about your physical apartment safety, you may need to contact the authorities. This isn’t as farfetched as it sounds. For instance, many college roommates have been disturbed to discover that their roommate is dealing drugs out of their apartment. While calling the police on your roommate may not be what you had in mind, sometimes just the threat of contacting the authorities is enough to prompt a change. Can you evict a roommate for putting your safety at risk? The answer is usually yes.

Your Assigned Roommate Is the Antichrist

Your friends in luxury student housing don’t know how good they’ve got it. But before most people move into off campus housing they spend a year or two in the dorms, and assigned dorm roommates can be the worst. You might be wondering how to find roommates in Las Vegas sooner than you think in this scenario. Fortunately, unlike in an apartment complex, there’s usually a protocol for dealing with mismatched roommates. Usually, you have to at least attempt to solve the problem on your own, but if that fails, contact your Residential Advisor or housing administrator for the next steps. Learning how to evict a roommate in Nevada will be easier with help from the appropriate avenues.

Your Roommate Won’t Pay Rent

In this situation, the first step is always to check the fine print on your lease. For more expensive apartment complexes, like luxury student apartments, there may be a complex rental agreement before moving in. If you are listed as the primary renter, then your roommate’s deadbeat ways could affect your standing with your landlord. When you need to know how to evict a roommate in Las Vegas, your landlord will help you in no time when rent is an issue. Leave it to a landlord or property manager to know exactly how to evict non paying renters in their building. It’s important to understand your risks, but ultimately, you have to take direct action. Confront your roommate, call their parents, and talk to your landlord about your options moving forward.

Choose Your Roommates Carefully

It’s a sad fact of life, but the best friends usually make the worst roommates. The next time you have to put up a security deposit in the luxury student apartments of your dreams, make sure you take the time to find the ideal roommate, not a pot-dealing deadbeat. And if you’re not sure how to find a roommate in Las Vegas who’s compatible with your lifestyle and law-abiding habits, do some reading and don’t be afraid to interview a few different people.

Sometimes getting a bad lot with a roommate is unavoidable. But if you take the time to really choose your roommates wisely, you hopefully won’t ever need to look up how to evict a roommate in Las Vegas.