Crafty Decluttering Clean Up Your Craft Room

If you are a crafter at heart, you may tend to come home with more supplies than you necessarily need at one given time. You may have ribbons bursting out of drawers and felt stickers in more places than you can count, but your creative space does not need to look like Tornado Valley. Through a simple trip to your local home improvement store, you can gather many craft storage ideas, from storage cube systems to hanging craft storage and more. Here are some ideas to renovate your creative space with craft storage solutions.

Decluttering your home is easy by scanning in your papers. Boxes and boxes of photos. Vital records like birth certificates and hospital bills. Recipes. Receipts. If you have tons of papers eating up your valuable storage space, it’s time to invest in a scanner and convert paper to electronic records, then shred it or recycle it. If you are limited on computer space, an external hard drive is an excellent place to keep your records and photos that were once on paper. Plus, if your computer crashes, your records will still be safe.

You have a family of six and it’s time to store dozens of bulky winter clothing. You can bag or box it up and carve out a huge chunk of precious storage space, or you can invest in a cheap vacuum sealer and make those chunky winter coats only inches thick. Vacuum sealed bags of clothing, linen, and other fabric items keep the textiles safe from the elements as well as slender enough to be slid into the tiniest of cracks between furniture and boxes. This may not seem related to craft storage solutions, but the space you save by vacuum sealing your clothes frees up more space for your craft supplies.

Utilize over the door shoe organizers. These handy storage units can organize much more than shoes. These units are cheap at most supermarkets and home improvement stores, and can keep small items like ribbon and stickers neat and quickly accessible. The shoe organizers can be found in clear material, too, so you can see right into the pockets to find what you need.

Look for craft specific storage. Your local home improvement stores might have some specific craft storage solutions for you. Furniture that is made for storing craft materials has all the specific nooks, crannies, hooks, and holders that will make your crafting easy and convenient.

Crafting is a popular and fun hobby, but without the proper organization your craft room can quickly get out of hand. Check out your local home improvement stores for the best craft storage ideas for you.