DC modern furniture Pieces for every home

Contemporary furniture dc

Are you in the market for new furniture? Do you have a space that needs to be completely redecorated? Perhaps you are just searching for a few pieces that will put a modern spin on the current look of your home or apartment? No matter what your decorating needs are, theodores in Washington dc carries a wide selection of dc modern furniture. They have something for every home.
Theodores in dc opened in 1969 and now has a ten thousand square foot showroom in Upper Georgetown where they are showcasing only modern and contemporary furniture that is of the best quality, value and design. Their collections of dc modern furniture and dc contemporary furniture include: modern living, eating, sleeping, art, and accessories. The pieces in each of these collections are hand selected for originality. You will never see two pieces of dc modern furniture there that look the same.
Furthermore, now that Theodores has opened up their showroom in Upper Georgetown, the dc modern furniture that you have been searching for is available only minutes from Northern Virginia and Maryland. In addition to the dc modern furniture and that is for sale, theodores also offers interior design services. They employ highly qualified interior decorators, who will work on any size project; large or small. The designers will come to your place of residence for a consultation and from there; they will present you with a specific design plan that explains each part of the decorating process from start to finish.
For some, decorating can be a very stressful process. Do not let it be stressful. Present your ideas to experts in the fields of decorating and interior design. Stand back and watch as the concept you had for your space come to life in the hands of true craftsmen and women. When you think of decorating, modern furniture dc, contemporary furniture dc or dc modern furniture should immediately come to mind and you should know that the possibilities are endless.