Do You Need A Cane To Improve Your Mobility? Make Sure You Choose The Right One

Carbon fiber cane

Mobility is defined by your ability to move through daily life unimpeded. When something as simple as walking up a flight of stairs or picking up a heavy box is out of your league…what do you do next?

Today’s America is discussing mobility and age more than ever. It’s estimated over 20% of the population will be over the age of 65 in just a few decades, which is nothing to say of the expanding definition of disability. Folding canes are one in a long line of useful tools that can enhance day-to-day life and make these seemingly impossible hurdles doable again. Canes and walking sticks come in many different shapes and sizes, however, and finding the right one takes a little trial and error. As with any journey, reaching your destination and following your future begins with a single step.

Durable canes can improve your life in a plethora of ways.

Did You Know?

Canes are incredibly useful in day-to-day life. They can even be life-saving. One out of four adults will take a hard fall every year in the United States, with over 50% of these falls occurring within the home. While some are lucky enough to only come away with a bruise or scraped shin, others can find themselves with broken bones and even concussions. It’s estimated over two million senior citizens will visit the emergency room each and every year, meaning folding canes aren’t just helpful. They’re a requirement to reduce these numbers over the years.

Carbon Fiber Folding Cane

Not all canes are made the same. We all have unique needs, after all, and some canes for sale need to be looked at with a critical eye if they’re to add the most to your life. For those that want durable canes that can hold up for years, carbon fiber folding canes are a fantastic option. Created out of tough material that can also be put away with ease, they’re both flexible and tough for a wide variety of people. It’s estimated an older adult will be treated in the emergency room for a fall every 11 seconds or so.

Classy Canes

While all canes are used for walking and supporting limited mobility, some can prioritize form over function. Classy canes are tough, but they put elegance at the top of the list. Decorative walking canes have been around for many decades, with some current models hearkening to old-fashioned Victorian designs. A stylish walking can can come in mahogany, oak or maple, with a horse head or round top to complete the set-up. Nearly 40% of Americans over the age of 85 use a mobility device in day-to-day life.

Palm Grip Canes

Do you struggle with sweaty hands or a weak grip? Then a cane with a powerful grip can ensure you’re never worried about dropping your mobility aid when you need it most. A palm grip cane offers a useful material that is easy to grab and hold onto, with some of these models able to fold or be supplemented with stronger materials. Two of the most common contributors to falls in elderly populations are unsteadiness or dizziness upon standing or walking. Additional causes are a lack of grip.

Finding The Right Cane For Your Lifestyle

Over 10% of Americans today over the age of 65 use a cane. That’s nearly five million people, making folding canes and additional models some of the most widely used mobility aids today. Choosing the right cane means being honest about your lifestyle and what you need to live your highest quality of life. Do you struggle walking up and down flights of stairs? Is dizziness something that causes you to fear standing up, sitting down or leaving the bath? What about shaky hands? Use these questions when seeking out folding canes or cool walking canes and you’ll be on the right track to living better.

Mobility isn’t a straight line. You can gain some of it back with the aid of a brass cane handle.