Drum Cap Seals Help Prevent Contamination in Milk Processing

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Milk is one of the healthiest foods around. But it?s no simple matter keeping it pure and uncontaminated on the long journey from the milking barn to the kitchen table. All equipment used in milking and in processing and transporting milk must be kept sterilized and sealed to ensure the quality and safety of the product. Storage units like metal tins and drums, and drum cap seals are essential to preventing food borne diseases.

Got milk?
For thousands of years, since the domestication of cattle, humans have relied on milk for basic nutrition. It contains calcium, magnesium, selenium, riboflavin, vitamin B12 and pantothenic acid (vitamin B5), all of which are necessary for human growth and development. It also contains essential minerals like iron and vitamin D.
The U.S. alone produces 206 million pounds of milk every year. The four most popular drinks in the country are soda, bottled water, beer and milk, in that order. In addition, dairy products like cheese, yogurt, ice-cream and cream are widely used.

Milk processing and transportation
Milk and dairy production is a complex process consisting of many stages. At each stage, it is essential to keep the milk clean and free of contamination. After the cows are milked, milk is processed at the farm itself or transported for processing in dairy plants. Handling milk and dairy products must ensure that there is no contamination, which can lead to food-borne diseases.
Food borne diseases are a serious consideration in processing and handling food and dairy products. They are responsible for making 48 million people sick each year. That?s one person out of six in the U.S. Food borne diseases are also responsible for the hospitalization of 128,000 people each year, and 3,000 deaths.

Cap seals prevent contamination
Storage and transportation units like plastic drums or plastic barrels are used for milk and other food products. Clean, sterile and uncontaminated storage and seals can help to keep food and dairy products safe during processing and transportation. Drum cap seals provide tamper evident closure for containers and are available in both plastic and metal.
Drum cap seals also come in a range of sizes to fit various containers. They prevent spills and leaks as well as contamination that could be harmful for consumers.

Milk is one of the healthiest and most popular drinks around. The complex and multi-stage processing requires great care to avoid contamination. Plastic and metal drums and drum cap seals can ensure the safety of milk and food products on the journey from the farm to your kitchen.