Find What Wood Cabinet is Best for Your Home

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If you’ve decided to upgrade your home, one of the most cost effective ways of adding value is to have custom wood cabinets installed throughout your home. These days, many home owners are opting for stainless steel or glass cabinets to create a modern look, but these trends won’t last forever.

Custom wood cabinets offer a timeless classic look and give a warm, inviting feel to any home, old or new. Wood cabinets don’t necessarily need to be installed just in the kitchen, either!

Custom wood bathroom cabinets are a great way to update an outdated bathroom. Custom wood home bars can also include rustic-looking or elegant cabinets to house all of your prized wines and liquors.

About wood cabinets: Wood was designed by nature, therefore every piece of wood is unique and different from the last — like snowflakes. They vary in color, texture, and grain; even the way wood ages makes every type special.

A cabinet can be built-in or free-standing. One that is built-in is usually custom made for a certain room or wall and is fixed into position using trained professionals. Your typical cabinet usually has at least one compartment, though with custom wood cabinets you can opt for way more than just one. The compartments can be open shelving or closed as well.

There are roughly 8,336 vanity and cabinet businesses around the United States, so if you feel you need to give your home a facelift, there are plenty of companies to choose from, just as there are a plethora of different wood types.

Types of wood:

  • Cherry. This is a rich, beautiful wood with a silky smooth texture. It is one of the most popular choices for kitchen cabinets and can range from light to medium reddish brown.
  • Maple. One of the most popular choices for any area in the home. It offers a creamy white color and comes in a variety of densities. The wood also takes staining very well.
  • Alder. Knotty alder is especially popular for those who love the rustic-style home. If you’ve got a lake house or cabin, this is a great wood that gives off a natural appearance with a color ranging from cherry to light honey.
  • Lyptus. This not-your-average-wood species is becoming increasingly popular these days and is a less-expensive alternative to Mahogany. It offers a uniform grain texture and a rich red color.
  • Red Oak. Well known for is unmistakable grain pattern, the texture ranges from a tight, straight grain to an arch-like pattern. The color can also vary from creamy white to light brownish-red.

Costs: Custom wood cabinet cost will depend on a few things, such as what type of wood used, what type of finish you apply, how many cabinets you need, and if there are other custom features you want included. The best custom wood cabinets cost more than cheap veneer cabinets. For an elegant look, get the real thing.
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