Five Advantages of City Living

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Realistically speaking, the city isn’t better than the country and vice-versa, but city living definitely has some serious advantages. Consider some of the following pieces of information if you’re on the fence about whether or not you should move to the city.


One of the biggest perks of city living is that most everything you could possibly need is located nearby. If something’s not within walking distance, then you can always just take the public transportation system to get where you need to go.

Public Transportation.

Speaking of public transportation, being able to take the subway or catch a bus is a huge benefit of city living. Cars can be pretty expensive to maintain, especially since you may wind up spending more on gas and maintenance due to the city’s heavy traffic. Not only does public transportation save you money on gas and maintenance, but you might not even need to buy a car in the first place, which will save you thousands.

Good Schools.

Some of the best schools in the country are in big cities, which means that if you enjoy city living, you also have better access to more educational opportunities that might otherwise be available in more rural communities.

Carrer Opportunities.

Not only do you have better educational opportunities in the city, but you’re also more likely to find a job there. In fact, it’s imperative to live in or nearby a city for those want to pursue a career in some specialized fields.


If you love visiting museums, seeing plays, or perusing art galleries, you’re going to love all the cultural events, sights, and places that city living offers access to. Many of these are often cheap to get into, or even in many cases free.

Whether you’re interested in the luxury living lifestyle of Philadelphia apartment buildings, or the more down to earth experience of living in a loft, one thing is clear. Living in a city is amazing. If you have any questions about the advantages and benefits of city living, feel free to ask in the comments. To learn more, read this: