Five Benefits To Renting A Furnished Apartment

The average American moves about 12 times in their lifetime and it’s a safe bet that a few of those moves see people having to rent an apartment.

If you work in a corporate setting and you’re always on the go, short term furnished apartments are an obvious choice when it comes to housing. Short term furnished apartments are great for students too and there are plenty of advantages when choosing this type of housing.

  • Saving time and money: Let’s be honest, moving isn’t cheap. Between having to haul your stuff around to outfitting an apartment with furniture and appliances, costs can add up real quick. Short term furnished apartments can take a lot of the frustration and guesswork out of outfitting an apartment.
    If you’re not big on spending hours looking for the perfect way to design your apartment or trying to figure out the perfect pieces of furniture to fit in every available space, furnished apartments can be very beneficial. Short term furnished apartments make the whole thing easier by giving the occupant a decorated, cozy space with no stress.
  • Less stress: For many people moving can be part of an exciting new life adventure. For others, it’s a real pain, something to be dreaded.
    Whatever your feelings are on moving, short term furnished apartments can take away much of that dread. Just think how much easier moving would be if you didn’t have to pack up furniture and pay for movers, or seek and buy furniture pieces and then assemble them. A furnished apartment takes away all that stress and makes moving so much easier.
  • You make the choices: When it comes to short term furnished apartments, many renters can rent furniture through CORT, which allows them to pick and choose every single piece of décor and furniture that goes into their living space. This gives the renter some freedom to customize an apartment the way they want, without getting stuck hanging on to furniture for life.
  • Speeding things up: Whether you’re moving across town or across the country, there’s usually some planning involved. If you’re someone who’s always making plans last minute, short term furnished apartments are a godsend. It gives you a place to live, outfitted with furniture and all the things you need in a living space, especially if you’ve got to move on short notice.
  • No need for commitment: About 40% of the people who use corporate housing, like furnished apartments, do so because they have to relocate. If you have to move at a moment’s notice, another benefit of short term furnished apartments is that you’re not locked into a long-term lease. If you’re constantly moving from town to town, you don’t have to worry about breaking a lease early since leases on short term furnished apartments are just that, short term.

The average corporate housing client stays about 84 days in their average housing. If you work in a professional setting and are always on the go, short term furnished apartments are the perfect solution when it comes to housing. With furnished apartments, renters aren’t locked into a long-term lease, they can rent specific furniture to fit their needs and above all, renting a furnished apartment removes a lot of the stress associated with moving.

Rather than agonizing over another move or potential move, consider short term apartments for housing, so you can spent more time looking forward to your next great life adventure.