For a Happy Retirement, Stay Socially Active

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What will you do when you retire? The average person will retire sometime around 63; how much time do you have? Retirement is meant to be a well-deserved break after decades of hard work. But the truth is that while most people planned out their careers and relationship goals, they did not think to look into elder care options, and therefore do not have a plan for their golden years. This is a mistake. Below are a few of the current most popular options, from independent living to the types of retirement homes.

Have you heard that women live longer? The numbers at retirement homes certainly supports it: about 74% of residents are women, and only 26% are men. These senior care communities offer an assisted lifestyle to the residents. This means that there are plenty of on-site activities that the seniors enjoy, from bingo to dance classes to guided outings.

The appeal of these communities is two-fold. The obvious reason is that the senior is not alone. Now, plenty of people 63 years and older are perfectly healthy and need no assistance. But others are not so lucky. Many find that as they get older, new illnesses or aches and pains crop up. Sometimes, it is simply reassuring to know there is someone nearby that can help when needed.

The second reason many seniors choose an assisted living option for their retirement years is the community aspect. Life can get lonely at any age, but it can be particularly difficult to make new friends when you are older. As mentioned above, the draw with senior care communities is the organized activities for the residents. This is perfect for people who wondered what they would fill their time with during retirement. It is said that to be happy during retirement, it is necessary to participate regularly in three to four activities you enjoy. Only one or two is not enough.

Retirement should be something that people look forward to, but that is sadly not always the case. The truth is that many people fail to plan. They do not plan out how much money they will need to live off of and they do not plan what they will fill their days with during their retirement. It is a mistake, clearly, as failing to do the first would lead to an empty bank account and the second leads to an empty life.