Four Facts and Statistics that Prove the Advantages of Retirement Communities

Senior living community

If you’re approaching retirement age, you are probably thinking about what comes next. Do you stay in the house you’ve lived in for decades — or is living in retirement in a senior living community the best choice for you?

Here are the top four most interesting facts and statistics about living in retirement communities that you might not have known:

1. Retirement living communities are good for your mental health: Research conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health has shown that seniors who have an active social life have a slower rate of memory decline and loss. One of the biggest benefits of living in a retirement home or community is the highly social atmosphere it fosters. The Department of Society, Human Development and Health has also released statements showing that people with higher numbers of social ties have lower mortality rates.

2. Shockingly few people are adequately planning for retirement: Shockingly, more than 90% of respondents surveyed in a Genworth Financial study say they haven’t discussed plans for living in retirement with their spouses and families. Creating a plan for your future is just as important as you reach retirement as it was when you were younger.

3. Staying active while living in retirement helps you stay healthy: Studies have repeatedly shown that staying active as you age will help you live longer and avoid disabilities. By living in retirement communities that encourage active lifestyles, seniors are able to stay fit, happy and healthy.

4. More and more people are deciding that living in retirement communities is the right choice for them: In recent years, occupancy rates have been on an upward trend. According to the National Investment Center for the Seniors Housing and Care Industry, occupancy rates at senior living communities have risen for six consecutive quarters. Continue reading here.