Four Signs You Need to Call a Heating and Cooling Service for the Winter

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Although winter won’t officially start for a little while longer, the cold has already set in for many parts of the country. Some have already experienced large amounts of snowfall, and others are dealing with frosty temperatures and frozen pipes. Yet winter can also present the hazard of a broken heating unit, which could leave your family susceptible to those falling temperatures.

However, good preventative maintenance can help you avoid surprises during the time you need your furnace most — and that prevention is all about recognizing the warning signs of trouble for your furnace. Here are four signs you may need to call a heating and cooling service in your area to repair your furnace:

    1. If you don’t change your furnace filter every 90 days: Most manufacturers recommend changing any HVAC filters every 90 days or so. If you haven’t done this, you put your furnace at risk for malfunctions during the coldest months of the year. Make sure to buy the correct filter at your local home improvement store, and if you have trouble changing the filter yourself, be sure to call a specialist to help you out.

    2. If your furnace hasn’t been inspected in over a year: In order to avoid surprises during the winter, it’s best to get your furnace inspected before you go to turn it on. An inspection can let you know that your furnace is safe to use, and heating and cooling contractors can also let you know if you should expect any repairs soon. Keeping your furnace in good working order can also keep your heating costs down.

    3. If you don’t notice any air coming out of your vents: A lack of air coming through the vents, or very little of it, when the furnace is on could mean that there is blockage somewhere. If you’ve already tried changing your furnace filter and that hasn’t helped, be sure to speak with a heating and cooling services company about getting air ducts cleaned or other potential repairs.

    4. If your furnace doesn’t work: Eh oh — you’ve set the thermostat to heat, but nothing’s coming out. If you’ve had this problem, you may have to call one of your local furnace repair services to come to your home. In some cases, you could get away with furnace repair; other times, you might have to replace your furnace with a whole new unit. However, for some this can be a blessing in disguise: if your furnace is several decades old, you may be able to get a new, energy efficient model that will help you save money on your heating bills — and it could even give you a tax break, as well.

A heating and cooling service should be able to look at your home’s furnace and air conditioning throughout the year to ensure that all of your heating and cooling needs are met. If you have questions about these services, leave a comment below. Research more like this.