Four Tips for Finding the Right Key West Home for You

Key west real estate

Did you know that Key West once attempted to secede from the US as part of a protest against immigration blockade? That was back in 1982, and they called themselves the Conch Republic. The moniker has stayed on as a nickname, and can now be found on all sorts of memorabilia, businesses, and tourist items from the area. Key West today is a popular resort destination owing to its tropical atmosphere and relaxing beach local attitude. One of the largest coral reefs in the world is located just off the coast from key West.

My aunt and uncle live in Boca Raton, but built a custom vacation home in the Keys several years ago. Based on their experiences as well as research on housing, here are several tips I can give you for finding or building quality Key West homes.

First, figure out what part of Key West you want to live in. Perhaps Old town key west? Or maybe you want to live on the less busy Eastern side of the city instead? Take several walks around to get a feel for which location is right for you.

Second, search for a Key West realtor who is well qualified and trustworthy. A good realtor will be one who works full time and is licensed. You want someone who is really involved with the Key west homes housing market so that they are able to negotiate the best prices for you, and also can give you the most up to date and accurate information about the trends of the housing market. A trustworthy Key West real estate agent is sometimes something you can just feel intuitively. For more background than that, ask your potential realtor for references, and look up how much other homes they have had, sold for.

Third, if you do decide to build a house rather than look for Key West homes for sale, proceed with caution! My aunt and uncle found out the hard way that if you are not careful about ensuring end dates in contracts, your project can take many months longer than you expected, and cost much, much more.

Finally, keep in mind that good Key West homes are not incredibly cheap. When you pay a fair price, you are getting a home that will last, and you are paying for the chance to live in a vibrant and laid back community. Read this website for more information.