From Cheaper Housing To Finding Work The Reason So Many Americans Are Reaching Out To Movers

Moving to a new place can be a little stressful. You already have to work within a tight budget, on top of cleaning up your apartment and changing your address around.

There’s no shame in asking for a little help. When you’re up to your neck in packing peanuts and obligations, a professional moving company can fill in the gap. Movers are familiar with all the steps that go into a successful moving experience. They’ll not just help you carry all your heavy furniture, but will give you a strict schedule you can stick to on your way home. Think of it as the finishing touch on your new life.

From a junk removal service to a helping hand, moving services are the proverbial bridge between the past and future. Here’s what you should try in 2020.

Americans Are Moving More Than Ever These Days

It’s not just you: Americans are packing up their bags and seeking greener pastures at higher rates than ever before. It’s estimated 35 million Americans move every year, with the average mover part of a couple between the ages of 18 to 34. June remains the busiest month for moving, with a 2018 study finding it accounts for nearly 15% of moves. When you seek out a moving service, you seek out a way to make the road a little smoother. The last thing you need when arriving at your destination is lost luggage.

Housing-Related Reasons Are The Most Common

Why are so many Americans moving these days, anyways? It has something to do with today’s living situations. A 2018 study confirmed 55% of those who moved within the United States did so for housing-related reasons — these include cheaper housing, better living conditions, or owning a home instead of renting. Renters have a tendency to move at higher rates than homeowners, as well. Alongside housing-related reasons, you have work-related reasons.

Work-Related Reasons Are Also Fairly Popular

While not the most common reason to pack bags and move, this is still a profound detail in many people’s lives. The same 2018 study cited above saw 20% of those who moved doing so for a new promotion, new job, or to find a new job. Overall, the total economic impact of the moving industry in 2016 was $85 trillion. Movers are more than just a few strong arms. They give you some much-needed perspective on the nature of moving itself and make sure you arrive at your new home in one piece.

Junk Removal Services Can Help Clear Things Up

Do you have a few too many things laying around? Ask your moving help about their junk removal services. It’s estimated the average American home has 300,000 things in it — much of this can include worn-out clothes, old knick-knacks, outdated CDs, excess books, and flat-out trash. Families with kids tend to have the most things, accumulated over many years of neglected spring cleaning. Junk removal services will help you sort everything properly and get it out of the way in time for moving day.

Keep Your Fragile Objects Safe With A Professional Mover

Now it comes down to the final step: getting everything situated and in the truck. Your local movers can make sure everything is moved properly, from the heaviest sofa to the most fragile vase. They’ll double-check each box to make sure it’s properly padded out for all the bumps in the road. Moving companies have collective years of experience to support the ins and outs of your move. When you’re starting to run out of energy for those last few boxes, they’re just a call away.

Save yourself a little time on your way to the next step in your life. Call a mover, ask about their schedule, and get packing!