Getting a Metal Roof Installed

Every building needs a roof installed, from a large shopping mall or an office building all the way down to residential homes, and today, homeowners and business managers alike have options for what kind of roofs will be over everyone’s heads. Some roof types may be more common than others, but an emerging and very popular form of roofing is aluminum roofing for the home or a smaller business building, and the perks of such aluminum roofing may entice homeowners to swap out their tile roofing for aluminum roofing when the time comes for a home renovation. Business managers may also see the appeal of a large aluminum roof, and any customer can have metal roof installation done when a local roofing contractor is hired to put in metal roofing. What are these advantages of aluminum roofing, and how popular and flexible is the business of metal roof installation?

Why a Good Roof?

No matter its material, a good roof will need to get several jobs done while it sits on top of a building, and aluminum roofing can compete with other roof styles to get this work done. Any good roof will not just keep out the elements, but it will also be resistant to leaks during a rain storm or when snow melts on the roof. Water leaks can rot and expand the wood in an attic, damage drywall, and short out electrical components in the home, leading to further repairs and expenses. A good rood can also work with the heating and air conditioning system to insulate the home from losing warm or cool air, which helps keep the electric bill down. Such a roof will also be resistant to squirrels or other pests from breaking into the home and damaging the utilities inside. And when a solid roof is paired with proper gutters, rainwater can easily be diverted away from the house or building. Metal roofs can do all of this and more when installed correctly.

How Metal Roofs Work

All roofs do the same basic job, but aluminum roofing can be tough, attractive, and price-efficient for many years if installed correctly. It is durable, for one thing; a typical metal roof will last three to seven times longer than a regular asphalt shingles roof, and they can last nearly 50 years if they get proper maintenance done on them. This material is practical, since new metal roofs will be composed of 30% to 60% recycled metal content, and once a metal roof is retired, it is 100% recyclable, helping conserve resources and reduce waste. What is more, some steeling roofing will be coated with an alloy of aluminum-zinc, which gives the roof an impressive lifespan of 100 years.

Metal roofs are a great investment not just because they last a long time and are made from recycled materials, but they can work well as insulation. A good metal roof will save up to 25% on the home’s yearly annual bill, seeing how its insulation will help keep the home’s temperature stable and thus reduce the workload of the heating and air conditioning unit. On an aesthetic side, metal roofs will not have tiles fall out, and they come in a variety of nearly 100 colors, more than tile or slate roofs. Metal roofs such as aluminum roofing are also resistant to storms, and such a roof will be rated for 140 MPH winds, making it a great choice for homes often exposed to tornadoes, hurricanes, or tropical storms.

Some newer homes may be built with metal roofs installed for these reasons, and a homeowner whose current roof is wearing out may consider roof replacement. In this case, they can exchange their asphalt tile roof for aluminum roofing, and contact local roofing crews who work with metal and hire a contractor who can visit the property and get the metal roof put in place. This may be a great option for someone who buys a very old, worn out house whose roof is often leaking, or someone whose old roof got blown off in a storm. Searching “metal roofing contractors near me” or consulting the staff at a hardware store should give the names of local metal roof crews who can be hired.