Glass Replacement

If you have glass windows, there is a chance that they will break over time. When a pane breaks off the window you need to think about glass replacement. The process of glass replacement isn’t too complicated, however, it may be wise to call a window company.

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If you are tackling the project on your own, let’s look at the process of glass replacement.

The first part of the project is to locate the pane that you will be replacing. This is important so that you do not ruin any of the other panes around it. Mark the pane and get the proper tools for the job.

You are going to start by removing part of the window frame around the pane. Go around the parameter and take off parts from each side. The purpose of this is to make it easier to remove one singular pane.

Once you have removed part of the frame you can start tapping the glass until it starts to break. When you removed the frame you made it easier for the pane to fall out. After you tap the glass the broken pane will come out. In its place you can install the new pane.