Help! I Don?t Know What Flowers My Wife Wants

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Buying flowers for a woman is always a great idea. Research shows that the first flower arrangements date all the way back to 2500 BC! However, you can really personalize the flowers by doing a quick bit of research. Best of all, only answering a few questions gives you all the information you need! The first thing to remember is it helps to match an arrangement to the lady in your life.

You don?t always have to buy the largest arrangement possible. However, it might have been a while since she has received flowers. The type of specialty floral arrangements to choose depends upon a few factors. In this post, you will learn how to give that special someone flowers they will love!

  1. Favorite Colors: Take some time to think about her favorite colors. If she hasn?t specifically told you that, think about what colors she wears often. Thinking back will help give you information about which colors she loves. You can even tell a florist these colors and they can fill in the blanks of an arrangement.
  2. The Nature of Your Gift: Are you wanting to be playful with your flowers? Is there a big date coming up where she needs to be impressed? No matter your desire, a florist can help create the perfect arrangement. Special occasions may require a more decadent arrangement with a romantic touch. Research by the American Society of Florists, Valentine?s Day is the most popular holiday for florists. However, you can always buy her flowers just because you feel like it!
  3. Personality Type: You probably know the personality traits that she is known for having? Is that special woman in your life someone that lives loudly or is she more restrained? Someone who is the life of the party may prefer an arrangement with brighter colors that is vibrant. On the other hand, someone quieter may prefer lighter color tones in an arrangement.
  4. Ask the Florist: If you are absolutely unsure of what the woman in your life needs, ask the staff. The workers at a floral shop can show you the best selling flowers. Seeing which flowers are selling well may steer you towards the right decision. No matter what specialty floral arrangements you choose, fresh flowers are always a hit! These professionals help men and women figure out the right floral arrangements. It is totally common for men to receive flowers, 36 percent of women gift their men flowers on Valentine?s Day.

In closing, figuring out a few things helps you pick out the perfect flowers. The special woman in your life likely has a few favorite colors. If you don?t know her favorites, figure out what colors she often wears. The situations you are buying flowers for determines the specialty floral arrangement you?ll need. When in doubt, florists will be more than happy to help you create perfect specialty floral arrangements.