Hiring a Maid for the Home

Housekeeping is the general cleaning and light-duty maintenance of a home and its furnishings. While more technical work such as plumbing and fixing the air conditioner is best left to contractors and specialized crews, the best maid service means that one or more professional housekeepers will maintain upkeep on a home, in a hotel, or a similar place where people live or work and keep it presentable and sanitary. Dependable house cleaning can be a sure thing if a reputable maid service is hired and their professionals can use a variety of chemicals and materials to maintain the home or a similar comfortable space. A spring cleaning service may offer similar work after a home has become cluttered and messy over the winter, and finding a maid service is often just an Internet search or a phone call away. What will a dependable maid service provide? Why are maids and their services so important, anyway?

Dirt and Cleaning

A dependable maid service will have plenty of cleaning and tidying to do in a home or in an office or similar commercial building, as dirt and contaminants can build up nearly anywhere, and these messes can range from inconvenient and ugly to look at all the way to driving away customers or employees or even becoming an actual health hazard, either in the home or office. In fact, the cleaning materials themselves may pose a safety hazard if used improperly, and it is becoming more and more popular to use eco-friendly or vegan cleaning products; in the latter case, no animal testing was done on the product, and no animal by-products were used to create the cleaner. And homeowners who use the wrong cleaners, or who use cleaners with poor ventilation, may suffer serious health problems. In fact, an EPA study discovered that a person is exposed to more carcinogens from toxic chemicals in household cleaners than from outdoor air, and these substances are three times as likely to cause cancer. Because of this, “green”, vegan, and otherwise eco-friendly cleaning substances are becoming more desirable by homeowners, and some maid services may also pick up on this trend, especially if some clients refuse to allow toxic cleaners to be used in their home or place of business.

How well do Americans do their own cleaning? It may vary, and some homeowners take cleaning more seriously than others, and some homeowners or private citizens, including 87% of women, see the home as an expression of the self, so they take very good care of their living spaces. Americans take the carpet seriously; 84% say that a clean home is only possible when they have a clean carpet, but they do not always follow through with this sentiment. Some 22% of Americans think that their carpets are even dirtier than their toilet seats, and the EPA’s guideline to deep clean a carpet every six months is not always observed (only 55% of Americans follow it). Office workers, meanwhile, may become exposed to allergens or carcinogens at a workplace that is not cleaned well enough, and at a dirty office, workers are much more likely to catch the common cold or even influenza, and this can mean more sick days at the office. Investing in a dependable maid service can pay for itself by eliminating health hazards in the workplace, from germy door knobs to dirt-soaked carpets.

What are the benefits of hiring a maid? Or several of them? Although a dependable maid service may become expensive, based on the size of the home or public building in question, such a service can easily be worth it on several counts. In the case of business, a dirty hotel or motel will attract few guests, so the owners and manager are urged to use a dependable maid service and other house keepers to keep the rooms and hallways in good condition to impress guests. For a business, cleaning carcinogens away and bacteria and dirt can lower the rate of sick days, and in the home, a dependable maid service will eliminate a lot of time spent on one’s own house cleaning, while a professional-grade job is being done with the right tools.