Home Security Is An Ounce Of Prevention

Adt security florida

And it is worth a pound of cure. In regards to home security, no truer words were ever said. Here are some horrific statistics for you to think about. In 2011, Florida saw 671,200 crimes against property. There were 25,622 robberies, 170,171 burglaries, 66,319 aggravated assault cases, 5,274 reported cases of rape and 984 murders. ADT Florida is one of the home security providers who is looking to do something about those numbers.

ADT Florida has 24 hour monitoring systems that are capable of more than just providing a sense of security. Their security systems pensacola have glass break sensors on doors and windows that trigger alarms when they are tampered with. As long as the system is armed, motion detectors and infrared technology scan for unauthorized activity. ADT Pensacola even has systems that can detect fires.

ADT Security Florida is a leading provider of home security systems and Adt florida home monitoring services. To think about a fire, emergency or violent crime happening on your property or to your family is bone chilling. But that does not mean that the situation has to be helpless. Actually, quite the contrary, ADT Security Florida believes that their systems are that ounce of prevention. Their goal is to reduce your chances of experiencing a break in, home intrusions or some other tragedy.

Not only does ADT Florida provide home security systems and monitoring services, they protect those things that homeowners insurance policies usually discount. With an ADT Home security Systems Florida, homeowners may be able to save up to twenty percent on their homeowners insurance policy.

In 1961 Florida, there were a total of 11,376 violent crimes and 117,144 property crimes. Fifty years later, in 2011, there were 98,199 and 671,200 respectively. ADT Florida and there monitoring systems put services in place that protect your family your property from being another statistic.