How Donating Clothing can Help Save the World

Donations for military families

It is 2016 and it seems like we are a few bad choices away from being the exact world from Idiocracy. Specifically the scene in that film where you find their solution to their waste solution. Their solution is to stack all of their garbage miles high on top of each other. A giant garbage mountain isn’t exactly what we are experiencing yet, but it’s unfortunately seeming more and more possible.

Throwing away things like clothes and textiles that can easily be donated and recycled is destroying the world. We all have to stop throwing out our clothing and begin to donate clothes.

In 2011, about two million tons of clothing were donated to charity in the United States. About two million! Sounds like a huge number, right? Well that was only 10%. The other 90% of clothing could have been recycled or reused but they were thrown out. That’s about 12 million tons of clothing waste thrown out… EVERY YEAR!

Along with helping the environment not change into a garbage mountain wasteland, helping families in need is another major added benefit of charitable donations. There are far too many struggling people in the United States and in the world that are in need of simple items like blankets, jackets, and other clothes. The fact that the majority of people who are living much more comfortably than those in need have all these clothing items that they are throwing out, rather than donating them, is heartbreaking.

Helping families in need can also help you, the donator, as well. If you have piles and piles of clothing spread throughout your house that no one has worn in the past 15 years, maybe it’s time to get rid of them and clear up some space. Don’t you dare throw them out! But instead take them down to a charity and donate them.

Making clothing donations needs to be done by the majority of people, instead of just carelessly tossing these items into the garbage. Helping families in need, preserving the environment, and so many other benefits all come from simply donating your clothes. Please do the right thing, and spread the word!