How Improving The Quality Of Your Mattress Could Improve The Quality Of Your Life

From a sealy mattress to any other type of mattress out there in the world, currently up for sale, the mattress that you choose and the mattress that you use are more important than many people may realize. It’s far too easy to skimp on the quality of a mattress such as a sealy mattress in order to save money, and it’s really only the human thing to do. After all, life is expensive, from rent to mortgages to saving up for college for ourselves or for our child or children (and the price of schooling after high school has only risen and can only be expected to continue to climb in the years to come). It can be a simple thing to choose cost over quality. But there are many pitfalls to this mantra, and having a quality sealy mattress will benefit you and your partner (if you have one) greatly over the course of time, well worth a slightly higher up front cost at the time that you purchase the sealy mattress.

Your sealy mattress is likely to greatly improve your overall quality of sleep, and sleep is a hugely important part of all of our lives even after we reach adulthood and stop growing. Though fully grown adults certainly do not need as much sleep as adolescents and children, who range from needing a solid twelve hours to at least eight or nine hours of sleep a night, a good deal of sleep – and quality sleep, at that – is still important for the function and health of adults in this world as well. For adults with no health problems, it is estimated that seven hours of sleep or even just slightly more (as many as nine hours of sleep each and every night is also considered a healthy sleep practice) should be gotten each and every night if at all possible. Part of this pattern of healthy sleep involves how long it takes for us to actually fall asleep each night too. Though many people are able to sleep through the night, many of even these people have difficulties actually falling asleep, as do many others. In a perfect world, it should take you somewhere around ten minutes – and no more than fifteen minutes – to be well on your way to the land of nod.

Unfortunately, far too many of us struggle with unhealthy sleep patterns. For instance, nearly as many as eighty percent of all people living in the United States currently get less hours of sleep than the minimum of seven recommended hours of sound sleep. And nearly thirty eight percent of all American adults are feeling this in a big way, having experienced at least one episode of unintentionally falling asleep during the day – even while on the job – as a result of this lack of sleep. For this nearly forty percent of all adults in the United States, such an incident has occurred at least once, and often more frequently than that, just within the last month.

The quality of your mattress, such as a high quality sealy mattress or tempur mattress (also called a tempur pedic mattress), can greatly help and improve the sleep you are getting, from how much sleep you get to the quality of said sleep. First of all, it is important that you mattress is relatively new. Many people keep their mattresses such as a sealy mattress for far too long without realizing that mattresses should be replaced on a relatively frequent basis. It is actually recommended, to the surprise of many, to replace your mattress around every five years, though this will depend on the quality of the mattress to begin with, dating back to the time of its purchase, as well as the quality of care and cleaning it has been given throughout the period of its use. It is typically okay to keep your mattress for longer than five years if it’s still in good condition, but you should be prepared to monitor condition closely, keeping an eye out for any signs of decrease in quality.