How to Hire Movers

Tips for moving

Hiring commercial movers can be quite the stressful process. Your nerves are still fried from closing on your house (at long last), and you’ve still got a bit to go before everything is said and done. With so many different local moving companies to choose from, where should you even start looking? Here are a few moving tips and tricks to help you find the best local moving services.

1. Start Researching.

First of all, you should start looking for local moving services by asking friends, coworkers, and real estate agents. You can check the phone book and the Internet as well. Get a list of about 10 movers, and then get an in-person estimate of how much your move is going to cost.

2. Be Thorough About Your Estimate.

When the local moving services’ estimators come to your home, be sure that you show him or her everything that you’re going to be moving–the closets, backyard, basement, attic–everything. That way on the day of your move there won’t be any surprises about costs. You should also make a note about the condition of your things before you move, to help prove that they were undamaged before the move in the event of any accidents.

3. Compare the Bids.

Once you’ve gotten all your estimates, compare the local moving services’ bids. You should be wary of any extremely low bids, and scrutinize the higher bids to see where the extra costs come from. If you don’t understand anything, you should call the respective local moving services and ask questions. You also shouldn’t be afraid to negotiate prices a little bit, particularly in a market where there’s a lot of competition. Movers will work with you on pricing if it means you’ll hire them.

4. Check For Complaints.

Just before making your final decision, check complaint registries for any words about the local moving services you’re thinking most about going with. You’ll get invaluable advice from the people that have had good and bad experiences. A good place to start would be with the Better Business Bureau.

These tips for moving should help make your process at least a little less stressful. If you have any questions about finding the best local moving services, feel free to ask in the comments.