How to Keep Online Dating Safe A Few Tips

Secure online dating

There are nearly 55 million singles out there, and 38% of them have turned to online dating sites as a way to meet people. You don’t have to do the math to realize that that’s a pretty big fish pond, but before you go and join every online dating site you can find, it is important to understand this dating landscape and how it works. While online dating can be empowering and expose you to a lot more people, thereby increasing your chances of finding a better match, it can also be dangerous. There are a few things you can do to keep yourself safe as you embark into the world of the online dating website:
1.Ask people you know what they’re using.
Word of mouth works for the dating site search more than most things. It seems like there’s a new dating website or mobile app coming out every week, and it can be difficult to keep up with their reputations. Tinder for example got a rep as the hookup app pretty quickly, whereas Okcupid is where nerds go to spawn. It’s definitely not taboo to ask friends who online date what their experiences have been. This can help you get a better sense of each site or app’s culture and make a short list. Then, once you have your list…
2. Vet these sites for safety precautions.
We think the question “Are dating sites safe?” is pretty silly. Like most things, online dating is as safe as you and the website make it. The most important thing to look for is a block option. This means that, if someone is bothering you on the site, you have a way to block them permanently and easily. The second thing to make sure of is that the site is not making available any of your personal information without your consent.
One popular safety trend in online dating now is what people are calling “background check dating.” Background check dating involves only viewing matches that have a background check that is validated by the online dating platform. Background check dating has gained popularity because it empowers people to go on dates knowing that the person on the other end of the computer screen isn’t hiding anything and is who they say they are. If you’ve seen the show Catfish, you know that this is often not to be taken for granted!
Don’t forget safety after the online dating becomes real dating.
Many people like to blame dating sites for bad experiences they had after in-person meet-ups. Often however, this has to do with a lack of precaution post meeting the date! Often, people who meet online will talk for days or even weeks before going on an in-person date, so it can be tempting to throw caution in the wind and meet in a private place or get in the other person’s car. The rationale of course is that you sort of “know” this person already and don’t get a psycho vibe. We recommend meeting in public at first, and withholding your address until you’re pretty sure this person doesn’t have Mr. Hyde side to the Dr. Jekyl you swiped right on.
We hope these tips are helpful as you embark on your online dating journey. Please, keep us updated in the comments section!