How to Organize your Rental Cargo Container

Off-site storage is the fastest growing segment of real estate in the US, with ten percent of us having a storage unit elsewhere. In particular, more people are re-purposing and utilizing recycled shipping or cargo containers, which allows you to give new life to old containers. However, 30% of all office workers report feeling disorganized at work, and the average American home has 300,000 items. As you look into start looking into storage containers for lease, you’ll also want to come up with a plan to keep your container free of clutter.

Make a Map

A simple Google search for “cargo containers for rent near me” should yield several results, but shipping containers all have one thing in common: they’re huge. Therefore, you should draw up a map of the unit and note where all of the items will go. This will be particularly important for office storage containers o a custom container office, for multiple people may be accessing the supplies.

Use Bookcases and Clear, Stacking Boxes

Bookcases with deep shelves can fully take advantage of the space available in the shipping container, and clear boxes make it easier to identify items that you may be looking for. Of course, you shouldn’t hesitate to bring out your label maker to keep items organized. If items appear that seem to have no purpose–toss them.

Put Seldon-Used Items in the Back

If you’re working in financial records, documents with public funds, or sensitive client information, that should all be kept toward the back in a filing cabinet that locks. Items that are important but are only used a few times a year (such as decor for gala events) should also go toward the back. That way they can stay out of the way but are still within reach.

Keep the Storage Area Clean

In addition to keeping your storage area free of clutter, you’ll want to avoid mildew, rodents, and moths. Make sure you have rat bait laid out in corners and keep boxes stuffed with mothballs, if necessary. If you live in a humid environment, you may also want to invest in moisture absorbents.

If you’re like me and looking for affordable cargo containers for rent near me, remember that you’ll be building a relationship with your rental company. Whether you want a storage space or a custom container office, be sure to find a trusted renter that you’ll be comfortable working with over the long term.