How to Spot a Potentially Dangerous Tree

Trees can be dangerous. They can fall over without warning and crush anything underneath. This may be your car, patio, or roof. This can result in a lot of damage and costly repairs. That is why it is better to spot a potentially dangerous tree on your property and have it removed before it comes crashing down.

Video Source

Thankfully there are companies that do emergency tree removals in the case of an emergency. In this video, you will learn how to spot a dangerous tree.

The first thing to look out for is abnormally long limbs. These limbs are more likely to fall because of the force they are applying on the trunk. Thanks to gravity, these limbs will be wanting to fall down. Further, look for limbs that are pointing outwards instead of upwards. These limbs are also more likely to fall because their center of mass is farther away from the tree. Lastly, the most obvious sign of potential danger are branches without leaves. These branches are likely already dead. Therefore, they are very likely to far sometime soon or in the near future. These branches should be removed immediately.