Learn More About Why You Should Own a Residential or Business Safe Along With Accessories for Your Safe

The Federal Bureau of Investigation reported that burglaries occur within the United States every 15.4 seconds. While not all of these crimes are reported, approximately two million home burglaries are. Residential home break-ins account for approximately 66% of the total number of burglaries that occur within this country. Unfortunately, just ten percent of these and other types of burglaries are solved. This includes burglaries that occur in apartments, houses, retail stores, and other business establishments.

Why Residential Burglaries Are Common

One of the reasons why residential burglaries are a common occurrence is due to the fact that burglars are searching for items that they can sell as soon as possible. Many of these items tend to be on the small side and expensive, such as jewelry, laptops, and other electronic devices. Handguns and other firearms are another costly item that may be of interest to burglars.

The Benefits of High-Security Safes

When homeowners and/or businesses have valuable items on-site, one of the most effective ways to protect them is with a high-security burglar safe. If the value of these items ranges from $50,000 to $1,500,000, this is the right safe to protect these items from safe crackers and fires.

Another reason to have a high-security safe is when handguns or other weapons are located in the home. Recent data indicates that there are over 1.69 million children that live in homes with loaded, unlocked firearms. Children tend to know where these firearms are located. In fact, a recent report indicated that 73% of children aged nine and even younger stated that they knew where these unlocked, loaded guns were kept. Furthermore, roughly 36% of the children that knew where these unsecured firearms were kept, admitted to handling them without the appropriate supervision.

The Benefits of Having Accessories for Your Safe

Accessories for your safe can assist you with organizing a variety of items. Since you want to protect your important papers and expensive items, such as jewelry, laptops, and firearms, having the right accessories for your safe can provide you with a more effective storage solution. When you contact a representative to learn more about the available products, you may also want to discuss upgrading your current safe to one with high-security features.

Learn More About Purchasing Your First Safe

If you don’t currently own a safe, this would be an excellent time to discuss its merits and your needs. In addition to having a fireproof floor safe, you may also be interested in a laptop or a business safe. When you own guns, it’s also important to keep them in a secure place. This is particularly the case when you have young children, teenagers, or other people living in your home.