Learn The Best Way to Unclog a Drain at Home

Hydro jet plumbing is a new and modern way to unclog your drain. A professional hydro jet plumber will come to your house and bring their equipment to take care of your clog quickly and effectively. Hydro plumbing involves shooting water at high speeds through your piping to loosen and remove any clogs.

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It will flush out your pipes so that they drain well again. Plus, it may even add to the longevity of your pipes because it removes potentially harmful buildup in your pipes. This is a great option for people that can afford it. However, what do you do for smaller clogs? In this video, you will find out.

The best way to unclog a drain if it is a small clog of hair or food particles is to use a chemical reaction that occurs by pouring both baking soda and vinegar down the sink. Start by pouring the baking soda down the sink. Follow this by adding some dish soap. After that, pour vinegar down the sink to start the reaction. Wait for a little but and then flush it all down with boiling water. This should unclog your drain fairly quickly and effectively.