Major Ways a Home Safe Can Give You Peace of Mind

Types of biometric pistol safes

Nearly everyone own valuable items that are important to our lives. Personal documents, photographs, jewelry, electronics, and firearms are all common valuable possessions. Unfortunately, thieves will often break into your home to steal these things for their own benefit. Over 2 million home burglaries occur each year in the United States. This can leave you with damages and the loss of your personal property. Burglars are not the only threat, fires can damage or completely destroy anything within a home. While it is difficult to prevent a break in, there is a way to keep your most valuable items from being stolen or damaged. Safe manufacturers produce safes that are big enough to hold every thing you need it to, have comprehensive locking systems, and are even fireproof.

Fire Safety

A fire occurring in your home is an unpredictable reality. While where are measures to keep yourself and your loved ones safe in an event of a fire, there is no telling how much damage will be done to your property. Fires can damage single rooms, or even the complete home. Safe manufacturers have types of fireproof safes to keep your personal documents and valuable items unharmed in such an unfortunate event. There are levels of fire safety provided in different safes for your needs.

UL Class 350 is the lowest amount of safety, and will only allow the contents to reach up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. This is recommended for paper documents only.

UL Class 150 is the mid-range level of fire safety, which will keep contents at up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit and 85% humidity. This is a safe for CD’s and DVD’s, along with paper documents.

UL Class 125 is the highest amount of fire safety, keeping the contents at up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit and 80% humidity. These safes also feature water proof sealing around the door of the safe. This class is recommended for most electronics as well as paper documents.

Biometric Locking

If you are leaving your home for extended periods of time, or reside in a potentially dangerous area, having a safe is imperative. Thieves will catch on to the pattern in which you leave your home, and that is when they strike. Safe manufacturers have created a biometric locking system that goes far beyond simple padlocks. Biometric safes have the technology to scan your personal hand or finger print, followed by a custom code entered onto a keypad. This guarantees maximum security for the contents.

Gun Safety

A safe can also be an important thing to have at home for protection. Many people may worry about thieves or other people living in the household a hold of a personal firearm. There are safes available from safe manufacturers to store guns, including rifle safes and small gun safes. This is beneficial for safety and to keep your property in your possession.

Workplace Safety

Offices, workplaces, and schools need safes too. Personal safes can be used at the desk to keep electronics, money, and other items from those with sticky fingers. These safes are small and compact for portability. Safe manufacturers have larger safes and vaults available for businesses to store important documents and money.