Need Elder Care for Your Loved Ones? Explore Your Senior Living Home Options

Senior living community

Do you have an elderly relative who requires additional care? Perhaps he or she has been injured in a fall recently, or you have a family member who has a chronic condition that needs intensive medical attention. Whatever the case happens to be, you do have options when it comes to senior living homes. Most commonly, there are two types of senior care: independent senior living and assisted living homes.

Independent senior living communities are growing in popularity because they help the elderly retain their independence. Seniors are able to live on their own, but they can receive care right when they need it. Many of these homes, which are often apartments or townhouses, allow those who are on a fixed income to save money on utilities and rent, and these homes don’t require as much maintenance as an entire household would.

Additionally, many independent senior living communities offer luxurious accommodations, with a spa-like feel to them. However, these options can also be very expensive — meaning that seniors are paying for the convenience of a low-maintenance home.

Assisted senior living homes, on the other hand, are often considered an excellent value for the services they offer. While it is true that not all seniors require these types of homes, the majority of seniors in assisted living are age 85 or older. At least 40% of those seniors in assisted living require assistance with three or more activities, such as walking, eating, dressing, bathing, taking medication, or going to medical appointments. Additionally, many seniors have chronic conditions, including high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, and cancer, so they often require more specialized care than an independent living community can offer.

Because the median stay in an assisted living facility is about 22 months, it’s important to pick a community that has the care that your loved ones need. Weigh the options carefully when trying to choose from the senior living homes in your area, and consider the care, cost, and accommodations that each one offers.

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