pentek water filter cartridges are the clean and clear choice

Pentek filtration

Have you been looking for the right pentek water filter cartridges for your well water filter for a while? Get clean water right away with the pentek dgd 5005 filter, the whole house dual gradient density sediment filter. It lasts for six months with a flow rate of 10 gallons per minute and the pentek dgd 5005 filter works as a pre and post filter for extra fine sand silt rust and scale particles.

The pentek dgd 5005 filter can be sued in heavy duty filter housing, like the Big Blue, but it has the pentek filtration system of up to three times the dirt holding capacity of other similarly sized sediment cartridges. The pentek dgd is an excellent choice for residential, rural, municipal and commercial filter needs. Manufactured from pure 100 percent polypropylene, the pentek dgd 5005 filter offers a 50 micron pre filter and 5 micron post filter in one cartridge. The pentek dgd 5005 filter replacement water filter is NSF tested and certified.Catch everything from dirty sediment to fine clay that other filters have trouble capturing. Having clean water is as easy as installing a pentek dgd 5005 filter.