Popular Home Amenities

Luxury homes

A luxury home may mean different things to different people. Some homeowners dream of a beach paradise, others desire an expansive vineyard, some just dream of lower rent. No matter where your dream home is located, there are many amenities common to luxury homes. When moving through the home buying process, you may want to create your own home inspection checklist to make sure potential homes have the amenities you want.

Most luxury homes come equipped with home theatre systems and upscale gaming rooms for the technologically-inclined homeowner. As technology improves, media centers become more upscale, featuring wireless surround sound and lighting effects that can be controlled by the homeowner’s smartphone.

If you are more into the culinary arts than the performing arts, fear not. Luxury real estate wouldn’t be luxury without the best kitchens money can buy. With restaurant-grade appliances, marble surfaces, and plenty of storage space, the kitchens in luxury homes are every chef’s dream. Don’t feel like cooking indoors during the summer? Outdoor kitchens are becoming as much of a staple as swimming pools, and often feature wood-fired pizza ovens, built in grills, and comfortable patio seating for guests.

No checklist for buying a home is complete without considering the home’s building materials. Raw stone and exotic woods are growing in popularity. Carefully selected and installed, rare hardwoods and natural stone surfaces add an air of sophistication and only raise the value of the home. When incorporated into an open floor plan, stone and wood can unify different rooms for a seamless transition from kitchen to dining room to living room.

A growing trend in luxury home design is an increased emphasis on the right windows. Oversized windows and glass walls are showing up in luxury homes across the country, and breathtaking views are a priority for homeowners, especially in urban or beach settings.

While these amenities are all very common in luxury homes, as a home buyer, you can pick and choose which are most important. If you hate to cook but love to exercise, forgo the outdoor kitchen in favor of the home with the upscale fitness center. Your in-home amenities are only limited by your own lifestyle goals. Continue reading here.