Pressure Assisted Toilets Work Great

Commercial toilet

Pressure assisted toilets are some of the better working toilets that are available today. Since pressure assisted toilets work better than most other kinds of toilets it is not hard to see why they are becoming more and more popular. Water efficient toilets and water saving toilets are also popular today as well.

You may have seen these commercial toilets in the bathrooms in the mall, etc. These kinds of modern toilets are also available now for private homes. They way pressure pressure toilets work is quite simple. The water pressure builds up in the storage tank and when the toilet is flushed the pressure cleans out the bowl. Pressure toilets work much better than gravity flush toilets and they don’t clog up like regular toilets do since the water pressure forces the contents down the drain in the toilet bowl.

The pressure for these toilets comes from your local water company as water is piped into the home. Any home that has adequate water pressure can have pressure toilets installed. Pressure assisted toilets have no water pump to worry about. Installing pressure assisted toilets is as easy as installing any other kind of toilet. If you are a handyman you can install one yourself. You don’t really need to call out a plumber. However, if you are not comfortable with taking on this kind of task on your own, a local plumber can be called who will gladly come out and install pressure assisted toilets, as well as new bathroom vanities and sinks if you need them too.

Pressure assisted toilets range in price. You can usually pick them up in the price range of $200 to $400. You can’t really tell the difference between pressure assisted toilets and regular toilets just by looking at them. If you are shopping for pressure assisted toilets make sure you specify that fact. Pressure assisted toilets are now available in local home supply stores, bathroom supply stores and online.