Quilting The Hobby And Art Form That’s Held Fast For Hundreds Of Years

Custom memory quilt

What’s in a quilt? Humanity has asked this question for many hundreds of years, from ancient Egyptian and Chinese societies to the modern day. A blend of fashion and traditional artistry with a homespun touch, quilts have held a special place in our hearts for a reason. These beautiful and soft stitches make lovely throws, cute gifts and pleasant additions to any bed or couch. Which one you buy can say a lot about you as well as the person you present it to. For those that have a birthday or special event coming up, a custom t-shirt quilt can be quite the stunner.

Quilting Fun Facts

Over 80% of dedicated quilters classify themselves as traditionalist. Another 40% embrace art quilting, specifically, and 35% greatly enjoy modern forms of quilting. The world’s largest quilt is the AIDS Memorial quilt and weighs over 50 tons. Lastly, the oldest quilt still around is the Tristan Quilt from the 1300’s. A custom t-shirt quilt is widely considered a personal and charming gift for almost any occasion.

Just How Old Is Quilting?

Quilting is often associated with the homely, the old and visions of days long since past. When you think about it, it makes sense. Quilting has been traced back to many ancient societies, with some of the first quilts being crafted with three layers of fabric in a method that’s been replicated for centuries to come. Unlike other items, a custom quilt holds its own sort of charm.

Why Do Quilts Have Multiple Layers?

One of the more recognizable elements of the quilt are its multiple layers. The top is the most vivid part, stretching out in a span of brilliant colors and patterns that are as unique as the creator. The middle is called a ‘batting’, used for additional warmth. The bottom, much like a sandwich, keeps the entire thing from falling apart. Handmade quilts are truly a rustic tradition that has yet to fall out of favor for many.

How Common Is Quilting As A Hobby?

People just love to quilt. It’s a form of artistic expression as much as it is a community affair, drawing together millions every year in the form of events as well as clubs and charity organizations. A 2014 study saw over 21 million people quilting on a regular basis, with an additional survey that same year estimating the quilting industry at an impressive $4 billion. All in all, around 14% of American households have at least one quilter to their name.

What Kind Of Quilt Techniques Are There?

There are many different ways to stitch together a quilt. The five primary hand stitches, however, are as follows — you have teh outline, the satin, the lazy daisy, the cross and the French knot. All of these have their own unique charms and go a long way in making every single quilt a special work of art to be cherished for years.

Would A Quilt Make A Good Gift?

A custom t-shirt quilt does best when it comes from experienced t-shirt quilt makers. These artisans have years of hard work under their name, ensuring that everything from the fabric to the stitching to the design are nothing less than the best. Canada sees a national quilt organization, founded back in 1981, occurring every year. It has over 20,000 members and an annual conference is held every year alongside their National Juried Show. A custom memory quilt is more than just an item. It’s a slice of history.
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