Renting? Better Put Aside Money For That Pet Deposit


What do you look for in apartments? About 33% of renters move each year, so it stands to reason that not all apartments are created equal. Some apartments for rent allow pets, others boast luxurious amenities in townhomes or furnished apartments. The right one for you depends on your current lifestyle.

Even Pet Friendly Apartments Have Their (Increased) Price.

About 70% of apartment renters own some sort of pet, with either a dog or cat being the most common. Some apartment complexes refuse to allow any pets. Pets are a loaded subject when it comes to renting an apartment. Others welcome dogs and cats of all sizes. Some place will refuse to allow dogs over a certain weight. There are even a few places that ban birds, fearing that their chirping will cause a disturbance.

Sometimes, the question of four-legged pets is a matter of space. Townhomes may not have an issue with a dog, while a fourth floor walk-up may take issue even with a Yorki. If you have or plan to have a dog or cat, your apartment search should specify pet friendly locations. Be prepared to pay extra though. A pet deposit is usually required, sometimes in addition to the standard deposit. This special pet deposit could be anywhere from 40% to 85% of one month’s rent.

When Luxury Amenities End Up Saving You Money.

You may be wondering how a luxury could save you money. Consider the extra expenses on your billing statement each month. Do you have a membership to a gym, a spa, a tanning salon, or a storage facility? Luxury amenities are a hot addition to some rentals. The result may be an increase in rent each month, but it is surely less than all of those expenses individually.

Part of what makes extra amenities valuable is the extremely close proximity to your home. You save on driving time, probably cost, and you will probably use the gym, or the spa, or the pool more often simply because it right there and you are paying for it each month. Different places will offer their own luxury amenities; for example, one location may offer a wine cellar storage while another may offer tanning services.

If You Hate Moving Furniture, Consider Furnished Townhomes.

No one likes moving. They may enjoy starting over somewhere new, or the smell of fresh paint. But no one enjoys packing up their belongings in boxes and bags. People dislike spending their time struggling to lift heavy furniture up the stairs to their new townhomes. Deciding to rent a furnished apartment may make sense in the long run. If you have just moved out of your parents’s house or the dorm rooms, or if you just moved to a new city, it is unlikely you will have enough furniture to fill up an apartment. Save yourself some trouble and consider renting a furnished apartment. You can decide on a sofa later.

Finding a new apartment can be fun. The trick is to know what you need, and what would help you in your current position. Don’t be afraid to shop around, you might find something perfectly suited.