Replacing and Repairing Your Church’s Furniture

Church pews and chairs

While there is nothing more awe-inspiring than an old church that has kept its wonder and luster, many churches simply have not been so lucky. Gallup estimates that 40% of Americans consider themselves highly religious. With that many people attending church weekly or bi-weekly, the furniture is bound to see some wear and tear.
Churches that have pews that are chipping and shaky and church steeples that are no longer inviting, should look into restoring their furniture. So how does it work? Read on to find out.

Decide if You Want to Replace or Repair
In the 13th century, the first pews were actually stone benches along the edges of the church. These were much less likely to need replacing or repairing than the wooden church pews we see in most churches today. The first step is to decide whether or not you want to repair your pews and/or steeples or replace them.
Depending on the company you choose to go with, your only option may be to replace your church pews. However, some companies offer repair as well. If you choose to repair your church pews instead of replacing them, some companies will work with you to find resources that match your existing pews. This is especially convenient if only some of your pews are in need of replacement or repair, or if you are trying to preserve some of the historical furniture.

Find A Company
Depending on your area, there may be multiple different companies who offer this service. Inquire with different companies to find out your options before deciding on one.

Removal of Pews
The next step is to have the company pick up your furniture that needs replacing. Before scheduling this removal, talk to the company about how long the process will take. Some may take longer than others so, again, inquire with different companies before deciding on one. Then, depending on this, try to schedule the removal on a day that will least affect your church members.

Decide What You Want Done
Most companies will allow you to customize what you want done with your pews and/or steeples. There are many options including refinishing, re-staining, and re-upholstering. If you are on a time-crunch, you may want to inquire about which will be the fastest option.

Decide What Will You Do With the Old Pews
There are many options for recycling your pews. If there are any less-fortunate churches in your area, inquire if they need extra pews. If no one needs them, have a fundraiser at your church to sell the old pews. Antique church pews are popular as home decor in entryways and dining rooms, too.

Have any of you replaced or repaired your church pews or steeples? What do you recommend? How long did the process take? Let us know in the comments!