Roofing Jobs and Other Projects Require Home Inspections Upon Completion

The building permit is taped to the front door and you are waiting for the city inspector to come and approve the work so that you can pay the final bill for the new roof that you had installed last week. The roofing company that you worked with did a great job picking up all of the left over supplies and cleaning up the mess that comes with such a large roofing project. The work was both noisy and expensive, but you are very glad that you had the new roofing installed before the rainy days of the month arrived. Knowing that you can go into summer with that part of the repair work out of the way is a nice way to be ready for your college daughter to come home for the summer.

Roofing companies do their jobs fairly quickly, but they also cause a pretty fair amount of chaos while they are in the process of completing their tasks.

Roof Damage, Lead Paint Remediation and Other Tasks Require the Help of Professional Contractors

Because many home improvement projects require a home inspection when they are finished, it is often in a home owners best interest to make sure that they get all of the work done right. Not only because of the value of a home, but also to make sure that the job does not need to be done a second time, hiring professional contractors who come with the highest recommendations is often the best decision.

Although it is tempting to try to complete some of your home improvements on your own, it is important to know that as many as 33% of all real estate deals fall through because of home inspection results. No amount of money that you save by working with an unlicensed contractor is worth losing the sale of your home because of a failed home inspection.

Detailed for a reason, an average home inspection requires 500 or more specific data points. For this reason, most home inspections usually take two to three hours. During this time, however, an inspector works to insure a future buyer that the property is safe. The building inspection industry is so big that the latest research indicates that are as many as 24,581 businesses in the U.S. offering these services.

If you are a home owner trying to complete a couple more projects before summer it is important to work with a licensed contractor who can help you pass all necessary city inspections.