Safe and Sound Four Simple Ways to Make your Home or Business more Secure

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Is your home or business as safe as it could be?

Whether you’re just looking for a better place to hide your spare key or you’re already looking into home security camera systems, here are a few tips to keep your family or your business as safe as possible.

  • Working fire alarm systems are a must for any home or business. Over one third of home fire deaths occur in homes without working smoke alarms. Make sure you have accessible, working fire extinguishers in your home or business and check regularly to make sure your fire alarm and detection system is functioning.
  • Reduce access points for burglars to make your home or business more secure. A conveniently placed tree, open window or unlocked door can be as good as an invitation for a thief. If you hide a key outside, you might need to be a little more innovative with its location. Burglars have wised up to this tactic and often exploit it to their advantage. Consider leaving a key with a trustworthy neighbor instead. Good outdoor lighting with motion detection can also be a great way to deter thieves.
  • A good home security camera system can be helpful not only to you, but to your neighborhood. Security cameras have dropped crime rates an average 20% in areas where they’re installed, and have also been shown to cut robbery and theft counts nearly in half. A poll from the New York Times and CBS in 2013 revealed a 78% approval rate for surveillance cameras in public places. Wireless security cameras in particular offer the benefits of flexible placement and remote access, and some come with features like microphones, motion sensing, and smartphone compatibility.
  • Security systems for homes may seem over cautious, but with two million home burglaries reported every year in the US, it’s not a bad idea to weigh the risks against the cost, especially if you live in a neighborhood where break-ins have occurred. it The best home security system will alert you the moment something happens in your house, but even that sign out front will often reduce the chances your house will be targeted. Office security systems aren’t a bad idea either, considering many offices are full of electronic equipment and private files. A security system can also lower your home insurance rate by up to 20%.

What are some security improvements that have worked for you? Let us know in the comments. Good refereneces.