Selling Your Property? Check Out These Easy and Effective Home Staging Tips

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When it comes to selling your property in order to buy a new home, most homeowners want a fast and easy sale of the old house. However, did you know that it’s not just about location and price per square foot when it comes to selling your property? Prospective buyers want to see all of a home’s potential when they browse multiple real estate listings or get a walk-through tour of your house. Unfortunately, the smallest details can turn buyers away from even the most fantastic home deals.

Experts in real estate sell homes quickly by using what is called “staging,” a series of tricks for making a home look attractive to home buyers. While hiring a decorator is sometimes necessary for homes that require TLC, there are plenty of easy staging tips for selling your home that you can use to increase buyer interest. If you’re preparing to sell your home soon, follow these real estate selling tips for simple and effective home staging room by room:

Living Room
· A little bit of paint can go a long way! If you’re trying to make smaller spaces look bigger, try painting two adjacent rooms the same color. This creates a nice “flow” between rooms and adds the illusion of space.

· Also, if you have outdated wood paneling in your living room or other parts of your home, try painting over it. Just fill in the gaps in the paneling with a wood filler, smooth it out, and then paint over the surface. Voilà! New walls!

· Another trick for making a living room or great room appear larger is to move furniture away from the walls. Cluster furniture together to show off space. Also, don’t be afraid to move furniture from one room to the next; just because you bought it for the living room doesn’t mean it won’t look great in a home office!

· Nothing turns away potential buyers faster than a grimy bathroom. Make sure your home’s bathrooms are spotless before a viewing. Wipe up mold between tiles, clear up tub rings, and mop up those floors.

· If you have the money for it, putting a few hundred dollars into a bathroom upgrade adds big appeal to buyers. Tiles can look dated, so take them out or paint over them. Pedestal sinks are popular right now; swap out a bulky vanity for something slimmer and more elegant.

· Don’t have the money for new cabinets? Stain the old ones and replace their hardware. This one tip can transform a whole kitchen for an afternoon’s worth of work!

· Stainless steel appliances are trendy right now for kitchens. Before selling your property, replace your old appliances to increase buyer interest. If you can’t afford it, though, there are stick-on fronts for dishwashers that can work as a temporary fix.

· Get rid of that clutter! If you’re moving soon, now is a good time to throw out what you don’t need. Also, home buyers will want to see your closet space, so don’t even try to hide junk. (And if you can’t throw it out, find a clever way to repurpose it for decor!)

Selling your property can be difficult and time-consuming, but using these tips and working with an expert in buying and selling houses can take away some of the stress. Have questions on staging? Leave a comment below.
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