Shopping for Teen Outfits

Teen spring fashion

It really is not a surprise when one hears the statistic that 80 percent of teenage girls consider shopping for teen outfits to be a hobby. What is surprising is that only 40.7 percent of all teenagers from the age of 16 to 19 will admit that they think having the latest teen outfits is really important to them. You would think that they would all admit that. Even if shopping is important to the other 43 percent , only 57 percent of the number of teenagers who spend their own money on clothes will save their money so they can spend it on teen outfits. Teens also spend a lot of their money on food, which can take a big chunk out of the budget they have set for teen clothing.

Teen girl clothing is influenced a lot by what ever the celebrities wear. Teen Choice Award “Fashion Icons” like Katy Perry and Justin Bieber always have a influence what teens want to wear. These two teen celebrities won the award in 2012. Teen celebrities spend thousands of dollars to attend the Oscars. Some of them have been known to spend as much as $35,000 to wear to one single Oscar event. Of course that included the money they spent on hair, makeup, jewelry and their teen outfits.

Girls fashions and teen outfits are being looked at everyday by thousands of teenage girls online. One of the websites teen outfits can be found on is Lulus Fashion website. Younger girls also like to shop for tween girls clothing with the help of their parents of course. The tweenage years are the years 9 through 12. Parents are finding it more challenging to go shopping for teen outfits. One reason is that parents different ideas on what is and is not acceptable for teen outfits than their kids do. Teen outfits may seem acceptable to a parent, but if the teen feels they won’t fit in with their peers by wearing their parent’s selection of teen outfits they won’t wear them. That is one reason why parents should let their teens take the lead when they are shopping for teen outfits.