The Hard Truth About Home Water Softeners and Why You Probably Need Them

Chlorine removal

Water is what makes the world go ’round ? literally! Without water, life on this planet could not and would not exist. For example, some of the world’s greatest civilizations sprang up ? pun intended ? near or on water sources such as strategic sea ports, mighty rivers, and great lakes. Furthermore, wars have been fought over access to water and such conflicts are still present in today’s modern age.

Though access to potable water may not be an issue in the United States and other developed countries, many households are waging a war of their own on the quality of drinking water. The battle between bottled and tap water is alive and well, however many people forget about a third, far more sustainable option: home water treatments.

From whole home water filtration to water softeners, home water treatments are the best choice when it comes to enjoying pure, clean water. Here are just a few reasons why.

Environmentally responsible

Did you know that many brands of bottled water are nothing more than packaged tap water? Yikes. And if that’s not bad enough, the process of manufacturing bottled water takes a heavy toll on the environment. In fact the entire plastics industry contributes to the use of harmful fossil fuels, which are known to have devastating effects on the environment. Home water treatments such as water softeners and whole house filtration are long term, sustainable options that will make the environment happy.

Water softeners make having hard water easy

Hard water is well, hard to deal with. Not only can it shorten the lifespan of your water appliances, but it can also impact your overall health. The minerals in hard water can irritate sensitive skin, cause a dull residue on the hair and scalp, and may even make it harder (no pun intended) to keep your clothes and dishes clean. The high mineral content of hard water may not be physically harmful, but it reduces the quality of home’s water nonetheless. Water softeners can help to combat or eliminate the problems associated with hard water.

Count your savings

Don’t waste money on bottled water or faucet and pitcher water filters. You might as well pour money down the drain with these options! These might be great temporary options, but a better alternative would be the use of home water treatments such as water softeners or whole house water filters. The initial investment will be quickly paid over again and again in long term savings.